Britney Spears Gets Trashy

January 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

Britney Spears was photographed at Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles. The stores slogan “Our fantasy, fulfilling yours.”

Spears, 25, made a special trip to the notorious Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles, to pick up some items to spice up her Valentine’s day with new boyfriend Isaac Cohen!

But unlike other celebrities, Britney not only brought a girlfriend with her to see her try on outfits, but her son Sean Preston, 1, and his nanny! The happy foursome told Celebrity Babylon that they were all going to get something to spice up their love lives. Even though it has been reported that Britney is not with Isaac Cohen, we were told otherwise, by Spears herself, “Isaac even wanted to come!”

I wonder if she had little Sean Preston try anything on while they were there? At least she’s buying underwear.

More photos of trashy Britney Spears after the jump.

(Images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

(Images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

By Jessica Marx

  1. Cameron

    Good lord, she looks uglier every day. And what’s up with her kid? Why does he constantly look like Cleetus the slack-jawed yokel? If the other kid looks like the first one, I can totally understand why she’s hiding him.

  2. Draya

    I assume the only reason Brit-Brit keeps wearing those UGLY ASS boots is so she doesn’t have to shave her chunky ass legs.

  3. jane_smith

    I finally figured out what is wrong with that girl!!! She went blind years ago but kept it a secret so taht people woulnd’t feel sorry for her, or even worse pick on her!(you know how evil those little girls in L.A. can be)

    That would explain:

    A) The horrendous clothing choices of the past few years

    B) K-fed

    C) back to back babies… “No honey, I’m wearing a condom…It’s the new thin kind you can’t feel.”

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