Britney Spears Gets Fast Food Wearing Short Shorts

June 17th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Don’t try telling Britney Spears it’s too cold out to wear tiny little shorts because she’s got legs and isn’t afraid to use ‘em. The pop star ignored any signs of June gloom when she stepped out of her hotel and hit up McDonald’s in London.

Oddly enough, there’s no evidence of Britney indulging in junk food apparent in her revealing outfit, which consists of a tight-fitting turtleneck (and apparently no bra), a pair of pink striped hot pants and super-high heels.

These days, though, it’s a big smile on her face that appears to be the accessory of choice for Spears. All the time she’s spending with her kids and a pending luxury vacation probably have something to do with it.

Gallery Info: Britney Spears wearing short pink shorts leaving her hotel in London, England and at McDonald’s.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Martiniman

    Take that Victoria B., I can put the girls out there on a cold day for all to see AND have a Big Mac with large chips too!

  2. SIMON

    Such a no talent scrag! She should hang it up but considering how fast Ms. White trash spends it maybe not.

    I feel more sorry for people who buy her albums or go to her shows…Those people should not be allowed to breed!

    Morons..I don’t like Christina Aguliera,but at least she can sing!

  3. devil

    I just don’t get why Britney is still famous. No talent, no class, no looks. Isn’t there more entertaining trailer trash to look at and listen to?

  4. Jacq

    she’s the only chick I’ve ever seen whose nipples get pinched by her underwire (when and if she dons a bra). her “natural” tittays are JACKED UP!

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