Britney Spears Emergency Custody Hearing to Continue This Afternoon

In an Access Hollywood update on the most recent Britney Spears mental meltdown, a typo revealed, “Britney Spears’ troubles have been thrust into the pubic eye once again.” But then I realized that Britney probably does more thrusting into the pubic eye than we would care to admit, so perhaps it’s not a typo after all.

But back to more serious matters–Britney’s kids were taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation after their ordeal as hostages. Reportedly, it’s standard practice in California when children are involved in a domestic incident and after the boys checked out, they were released to their father. More details are emerging, and it seems that Britney locked herself in room with son, Jayden James, refusing to come out for hours. When the door was finally opened–it’s unclear as to whether or not it was broken down–it was clear that Britney had not eaten or slept for days. That’s when medical officials stepped in. And now, it has been confirmed that this morning’s emergency custody hearing called by Kevin Federline’s attorney has come to a close. Both Britney and Kevin’s lawyers are expected to meet back with Court Commissioner Scott Gordon this afternoon at 1:30PM PST on the subject.

Video of how the television media is reporting the whole debacle is after the jump.