Britney Spears Disappoints Poor Kids (Again)

Strangely enough, I’m not talking about her music.

So here’s the story, broken down courtesy of FoxBritney Spears started a  performing arts camp in Massachusetts in 1999 for ‘economically disadvantaged students.’  Britney cut ties with the organization in 2004.

Since then, the camp managed to get some cash from other celebs like 50 Cent and the Jonas Brothers, but now they’ve run out of money AND celebrities, so the camp is closing.

So technically Britney dumped this camp a while ago, and the camp called TMZ with the news of their imminent closure to guilt her into giving them some more money, so don’t think I’m completely dumping on her (as much as I’d like to).

Britney did create the camp, so maybe she should kick up some cheese.  As long as those poor kids don’t need to be taught how to wear a bra, they should keep their camp!

More importantly, check out these pictures of Britney visiting her lawyer in LA on Monday.  Holy flaming monkeys, woman!  You look like a morning-shift blackjack dealer in Reno picking up her kids from school (no offense to morning-shift blackjack dealers).  Between the hair (I just don’t even know), the black lace choker from Claire’s, the bra that might as well not be there, and waaaay too much make-up, you’d think this woman has been working in Walmart her whole life, instead of being in the entertainment industry.

Listen, I know everyone likes to shit on Brit (I can rhyme!), but I have nothing against her.  I’m not saying she needs to hire a stylist just to walk out of the house, but, I don’t know, buy a magazine or something.  Even a dumb schmuck like me can pull it together with the help of Allure and Lucky.  Just sayin’.