Britney Spears’ Dad Forces Fan Site To Shut Down

March 27th, 2009 // 20 Comments

The owner and webmaster of Britney Spears‘ popular fan site,, has spent the past five years supporting the singer, but he’s about to be shut down by the pop star herself.

Jordan Miller, owner and webmaster of asserts that the sole purpose of the site is “to support the icon of our generation, Britney Spears, and to continuously stick by her through the good and bad,” Britney’s father Jamie Spears has taken legal action over some of the content.

The following was posted on

Dear BreatheHeavy readers,

I, Jordan Miller, Owner & Webmaster of and, want to thank you with all my heart for the loyalty and support you’ve shown over the last 5 years BreatheHeavy has been open.

We are all here for one purpose: to support the icon of our generation, Britney Spears, and to continuously stick by her through the good and bad.

I have been battling the conservatorship Britney is currently placed under for months now. When I did not conform to the requests and demands Britney’s management and father, Jamie Spears, recently put upon BreatheHeavy to stay quiet, they in turn became angry and malicious, launching, what I feel is an unjust attack, against me and my website.

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As a result, I received a legal notice from Jamie Spears’ lawyers pressuring me to close by 3:00 p.m. PST today, March 27, 2009, or face an injunction, claiming they will pursue legal action by Jamie Spears, who, as a conservator, is legally allowed to act as Britney and sue using her money and lawyers.”Britney doesn’t control her affairs,” said Brad Rose, the lawyer representing Britney in this case in a telephone conversation.”You are an uber fan who’s gone a little too far.”The legal notice states BreatheHeavy is not in compliance of Copyright Infringement laws, violating Britney’s rights of publicity and privacy:quote:    “The Infringing Sites are replete with willful, unauthorized and unlawful use and/or exploitation of: (i) the copyrighted lyrics to songs written and/or recorded by Ms. Spears; (ii) Ms. Spears’s trademarked name, (iii) various video and audio recordings embodying the performances of Ms. Spears; and (iv) photographic images of Ms. Spears (owned or exclusively licensed to third parties by Ms. Spears).    The unauthorized use of these recordings, images, copyrighted works and trademarks constitutes actionable infringement under, inter alia, copyright and trademark law, and also violates Ms. Spears’s rights of publicity and privacy.”    “Ms. Spears will pursue damages and injunctive relief in connection with the blatant violation of her rights of publicity and privacy.”The real issue, in my opinion, is hidden behind these Copyright Infringement claims, rather management, particularly her father / conservator, Jamie Spears, who makes $18,000 a month off his daughter, is desperately trying to hide the truth about Britney’s imprisonment, and shut anyone up who disagrees with their conniving and selfish exploitation of an innocent mother of 2 pushed back into the lime-light just several months after a hospitalization.Another issue the lawyers claim aside from “Copyright Infringement,” is the use Britney’s trademarked name and image, stating I am not allowed to use her name or picture except for editorial and hard news purposes only.Additionally, the Google and TicketMaster ads placed around the website are a “major issue,” stating I am using Britney’s name and image for financial gain without her is a non-profitable website, meaning I, nor anyone, makes a PROFIT off the website. The ads used help the website remain self-sustainable, and if there is a profit made, the funds, in return, are used to purchase magazine scans and other materials needed for the website.Am I crazy and naive for running a major website that leaves me in debt each month? Possibly, but BreatheHeavy is my passion, a creative outlet that has allowed me to grow as an individual.Britney Spears is my inspiration; I can’t put a price on that.Though I made very clear to the attorneys that BreatheHeavy is a non-profitable website, it is of no concern of theirs.This entire site thrives because of YOU, the fans, who support Britney by buying tickets to her show, merchandise and music. Sadly, your hard-earned money that goes to supporting your favorite celebrity, is now money being used to potentially sue me, a major fan and supporter of Britney Spears, and hide fans from knowing the TRUTH.This conservatorship Britney is placed under, which controls every aspect of her life, is now clenching the future of her biggest Fansite.I’m prepared to fight, but I need to know that you guys are willing to fight with me.I desperately need your costs a minimum of $350.00 a month to run. Because I am not allowed to use ads to run the website any longer, as I am “using Britney Spears’s image for financial profit,” I am asking readers to donate money until the situation has been handled.Paypal email address: breatheheavydotcom@gmail.comAny donation will be greatly appreciated.This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I know with the support of fans and readers, this unjust bullying will come to an end, and one day Jamie Spears’ reign over his daughter, her money, lawyers, career and life will cease.Please understand this is NOT my decision, and I am being FORCED to take desperate measures in an effort to save this website and stand up for what is right.BreatheHeavy will remain up in the air until a resolution with her management, lawyers and father has been reached, if ever.”I will destroy your ass,” threatened Jamie Spears to me in a telephone conversation.This is not the end.Love,Jordan Miller, Owner & Webmaster of

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. brie

    JAMIE SPEARS YOU ARE A BULLY. I no longer respect you. You destroyed my life.

  2. Nicky

    I feel sorry for Britney having a father like that. I have to agree that I don’t think Britney was ready to go back into the spot light. She’s still unstable. You can see from the way she dances at her shows. She’s not into it like she used to be. Stupid parents who care more about they’re income then the health of their daughter.

  3. omg

    You stupid, immature twits who care more about your entertainment than you do the mental health of a drug-damaged young woman. Get it through your heads that it’s BRITNEY who is obsessed with a career. Her father is trying to let her live her dream and keep her safe. Jamie’s probably fighting a losing battle, but he’s given it his best. Why aren’t you asking why the idiot cannot take care of her own life?

  4. O-M-G

    Power corrupts. Jamie is closing down a FAN site. How lame is that, a place where fans come together and get their chit chat on about B. yet jamie is determined to shut down the website because the webmaster is open on his distaste of Jamie. Pathetic!

  5. omg

    Research. The site owner has connections with Sam and/or Adnan. Jamie has his reasons, sorry he doesn’t call us all and let us know or ask our permission. His parental duties take up his time 24/7. If the conservatorship ever ends, Britard will be dead in a year.

  6. omg

    Oh, and People magazine is reporting that Britney is trying to hook up with Adnan to get pregnant so she can get out from under her father’s authority. This is sane? Responsible? Jamie Spears is NOT the bad guy in this sick saga.

  7. Nicky

    omg, you call us stupid twits for believing that Britney’s father is the bad guy but where are your facts to say otherwise? Her father seems like a heavy guy and I think that if he really didn’t want her to go on tour then he wouldn’t let her. I definately think that when it comes to Britney and Jamie’s relationship he has the upper hand. If you look at her shows she isn’t into it like she used to be. She dances like a robot which makes me think she wasn’t ready to go back on tour and into the spot light. Did you watch the Britney special that aired last year? She seemed to hate how her father controlled her life and she just wanted to be free which made me think she wanted to stop touring and just be with her kids relaxing rather then worrying about the paps following her every move and pleasing her fans. I think she is still a little crazy and instead of doing what she’s doing she should be in therapy and staying away from doing this stuff as much as possible. I couldn’t really give a toss about this website closing and I really doubt that if it closed it would impact Britney in any way. It’s a bit of a silly story really and I think Britney has more pressing things to worry about.

  8. Josh

    I think this just proves how “unstable” Jamie is. It’s pretty pathetic that he has done this, most probably without Britney’s approval. It is just wasting more of her money on legal fees.

    He has sunk to a new low. He is just desperate to hold onto being in control of Britney’s life so she doesnt abandon him and so he doesn’t lose his $16,000 income. Sad, sad alcoholic man!

    Britney has never had a strong relationship with her father and thats why he can’t let his co-ship end, because once it does, its the end of him and his relations with Britney FOREVER.

    Jamie.. sit and spit my friend!

  9. mattt


  10. omg

    I’ll type slowly so you can read it. The mere fact that Britney is still trying to see Adnan should be proof enough that she is not mentally well and still wants her drugs. She has a 12 year old mentality, at the same time clinging to and rebelling against Daddy. Remember how many people Britard has been through? Who’s staying? Who cares? Her father. If the truth were known, the money he makes is probably going into a trust for the kids. If Jamie didn’t care, he’d let her go back to the vultures that fed her drugs and took her money.

  11. Janna

    Jordan Miller needs to fight this!!! Jamie Spears is a MONEY GRUBBING JERK! Britney has said in the past how he was never there for her, he is thrilled getting that paycheck every month. What a loser!!! Fight this Breatheheavy!

  12. Nicky

    omg, I see there’s really no point in arguing with you because you seem to think when it comes to Britney you know all. Do you know her personally do you? I never said Britney was well. I agree, she is still mental but I still think her dad is a jerk. In some ways he might be helping her but I think it has a lot to do with the money he receives. It’s true what Janna says, Britney has said that Jamie has had nothing to do with her life until now. Britney and her dad are both crazy and I think they both need help. There was a reporter who went to Jamie’s house to interview him and she said he was really drunk and everytime she would try get up to leave he would pull a knife out and threaten her so she had to stay. Very unstable sounding if you ask me.

  13. Manda

    Nicky if full of crap..yeah right that’s why that was never reported right??? Sure…dumb, naive little girls who have no idea what a conservatorship really is. The courts are in charge of this and they have enough evidence to prove Britney is unstable. She cannot take care of herself, for now that is.. Jordan Miller who runs Breatheheavy is associated with Sam Lufti the one who has a restraining order against him?? They are both profiting off of innocent fans who know nothing about money!!! And now Jordan is askin for donations to run his site which proves to me that he was making money off the advertisements that he says provided no financial gain. Those bad mouthing Jamie Spears, read all the black and white before jumping to conclusions!! I know I have.

  14. Lovely

    Jordan has connections with Sam. That is the real reason why the website is closing. Breatheheavy was no longer a fansite but was making a joke out of Britney!

    People with eyes should have realize this instead of licking Jordan’s butt! Breatheheavy has become the anti-britney site.

    Jamie Spears is very good in my eyes from now. If you really love Britney, then you should love the fact that the hatewebsite is closing and that her father is helping her.

  15. Nicky

    Manda, I am not defending the website. Like I’ve said before, I don’t give a toss if it closes but all I’m saying is Jamie isn’t the nice person you all think he is. He wasn’t really a part of her life until now. I have said a number of times that Britney is unstable. I’m not denying that. All I’m saying is that it’s one unstable person looking after another. I pesonally think Britney needs to stop touring and start putting her life back together instead of pretending everything is okay. I don’t think that her dad is the best person to do that. It’s kind of crap because she doesn’t seem to have many people that she can trust in her life so good luck to her. I guess the courts couldn’t find anyone else to look after her so they chose her father. Anyway, really who cares. If you actually loved Britney then you would boycott going to her concerts until she really is better.

  16. Angela

    I don’t get it.

    1. Breatheheavy has been up for 5 years now. What’s the sudden urgency to shut it down if its a copyright issue?

    2. Where is the proof that Jordan has any ties with Sam Lufti? Just because you google “Lufti, Breatheheavy” doesn’t mean what pulls up is true. That’s not evidence and that’s not “research”.

    Jordan is a 20 year old student who lives in Nevada… Sure he went to far quite often but he’s just your typical young kid.

    Far as I can say, being anti-conservatorship doesn’t NOT mean being pro-Lufti or whatever. I can say I am TOTALLY ANTI-Lufti, but was glad for the lawsuit he pressed, only because I think the courts and all these lawyers are banking on all this bullshit.

    Do you know that there have been families of Alzheimer’s patients that have gone to court to request conservatorship and have been DENIED???

    Come on people if she was that ill, she would not be allowed around her children let alone to go on a tour. She would be BED-RIDDEN.

    Do your own “research”. Isn’t it a bit funny that there are TONS of other fansites out there with google and ticket-master links and non of them are being shut down? Its as if whenever someone questions this BS loud enough, they are forced to shut up.

    Hey maybe I’m wrong. But if I am… If Jordan and millions of her other fans are wrong… Why isn’t Jamie, Inc coming out and saying anything about ANY of this? Please. She is the biggest pop star in the WORLD. Have they not ever heard of the words “press conference” or “interview”?

    Instead it honestly DOES look like they’re hiding behind restraining orders and copyright infringements. Because if they’re not… They OWE her fans some kind of explanation!!!

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