Britney Spears Craves Ice

June 23rd, 2006 // 38 Comments

Doesn’t Britney look happy in these photos. I wonder if they were taken prior to her being an emotional wreck?

Now onto the ice thing. Someone thought the world should know that Britney Spears has developed a pregnancy craving for ice. Apparently she just can’t stop crunching on ice cubes. I’ve never been preganant, so I have not experience with those kind of cravings, but if you’re craving ice, aren’t you really just thirsty?

She said: “I think I have elephant teeth or something. I love it.” While Britney was pregnant with first child Sean Preston, Kevin revealed his spouse developed the classic craving of pickles mixed with ice cream.

Britney’s weight ballooned from an estimated 119lbs to a massive 170lbs and the pop superstar was repeatedly spotted gorging on fried chicken and calorific milkshakes in the final stages of her pregnancy.

The now 25-year-old star was a regular at popular Los Angeles fast food restaurant Koo Koo Roo and developed a taste for the eatery’s speciality ‘chillatos’ – an ice-cream loaded shake.

Britney Spears has developed a pregnancy craving for ice. [PR Inside]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. me

    She looks so cute when someone cleans her up.

  2. doofus

    yeah, and when the photoshop guy works overtime.

    GEEZ…compare these pics with the UNtouched footage of her interview, and WHEW! who do they think they’re fooling?!

  3. d.c.

    Ice cravings can be a sign of serious medical problems.. A few references to Ice Cravings

  4. ginger

    please Britney, wear a bra.

  5. ninjagirl

    I had horrible cravings for ice when I was prego. ALL I wanted to do was eat ice! I would go to McD’s ask for HUGE cup of water, with LOTS of ICE.

    I also had gestastional diabetes. No I wasn’t thirsty I just wanted ice to chew on.

  6. JO

    and her extensions keep getting rattier and rattier wtf

  7. TruJrzyGrl

    Do we want to get to know her ?? I just want to hear the dirt on her ghetto ass …

  8. Mrs.

    What does that mean?! ‘Elephant teeth?’ What does that mean??? Don’t they live where it’s hot? Where there’s no naturally occurring ice to speak of?

  9. almondhead

    craving ice is a sign of anemia.

  10. That picture is older than I am. I wish the media would stop using old photos of her ugly, plastic surgeried face and use one that are current. Let’s face it…she will never be 17 again and her career is over.

  11. Mrs.

    Also, I think they should photoshop a different wig on her.

  12. ee

    “an estimated 119 pounds”?

    hah. no wonder everybody’s anorexic. they don’t even know what 130 pounds looks like anymore because everybody lies about their weight.

  13. Green Eyed Angell

    She could’ve been 120 when she was younger, she’s short isn’t she (at least I hope she is with those stubby legs). I’m 5’6″ and somewhere around 120-125 and I look “normal.” (and I eat more than most of the guys I kno).

  14. Anno

    I used to crave ice constantly – chewed it at work, home,wherever. Drove everybody crazy! Found out I was seriously anemic, time for a blood transfusion type anemic. Got that under control and the craving went away.

  15. mutterhals

    She’s a goddamn pig. Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to gorge yourself on high fat junk food. Try eating a salad for your goddamn baby, you inbred.

  16. las

    I’ve heard ice cravings can also mean a vitamin deficiency.

    Her tits are sagging down even further, and it looks like someone took one of her old pictures and cut-and-pasted it onto her current body. Then erased half her body weight.

    The rest of the article is even worse: She calls all of America ignorant (is that the moron hick calling the kettle dumb?), refers to her kids as “booboos,” and since she hasn’t got enough brains to be subtle, she implies that Kevin might have preferred she, ahem, not proceed with the pregnancy.

  17. TJ

    She’s a lazy soft fat slob. My compliments to the graphic artist who farked these images together.

  18. maryanne29

    I guess you can put lipstick on a pig.

  19. Small Fry

    Is it just me or is she about to expose nipple in the pink dress??? If you look closely there are cut-outs between some of the flowers. Eeck, someone get this girl a stylist.

  20. Brittany

    craving ice is a sign of anemia.

  21. Palys

    Boy, she sure loves those raunchy, smelly wedges/flip-flops of hers…jesus h. christ, change your shoes out once in a effin’ while!!!!

  22. JAL

    The ice thing is a sure sign of gestational diabetes. I had it w/my 1st pregnancy even though I didn’t crave ice. My nurse did tell me it is a sure sign of diabetes though. I am pg with my second now and am watching out for signs like that. Brit should definitely be checked out for gestational diabetes!!!

  23. Grace

    Ugh. What a nasty skank. Why is she allowed to procreate?

  24. s

    She is disgusting. Nice tits, Brit. Keepin’ it classy once again. Who wears dresses like that when they’re not only pregnant, but already a mother of 1? I feel sick.

  25. parissucksliterally

    The only thing I have to say is that Koo Koo Roo is NOT FAST GREASY FOOD…it is SKINLESS HEALTHY CHICKEN!!!!!!
    They do have Rotisserie Chicken too, but it’s not like McDonalds in ANY WAY…..

  26. wow

    I can’t believe her dr. hasn’t recognized this as a sign of vitamin deficiency. With all that money she can’t go to a decent dr.?

  27. Hekki

    I used to munch ice when I was pregnant. There is no way I had any vitamin deficiency because I was on a super prenatal vitamin regimen and ate very well. It 1) kept me from eating potato chips excessively, 2) drinking water that was warmer than ice cold made me nauseous and 3) I hated my cube-mate and the noise of me crunching all day annoyed her. Hmmph.

  28. Kim

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this above, but wanting to chew ice is a sign of sexual frustration. I’m not surprised. Pregnant women are usually really horny… and when your husband isn’t sleeping in the same room…

  29. kristin

    She looks nice.

  30. silly girl

    Cravings don’t mean anything but you’re pregnant. My sister craved 4859847584 different things when she was pregnant, including the asphalt that the road workers were laying down the street. :P

    She said TUMS chalkiness took care of that!

  31. been there

    I had the same problem and it turned out that it was that I was REALLY anemic. So she my want to mention that to her doc and see what’s going on there. :)

  32. blah

    Craving ice is a symptom of anemia. Poor creature.

  33. Hazy

    I think she looks so cute! Whoever did her clothes hair and makeup for this shoot should have done it for her interview.

  34. Just saying...

    The middle photo is lovely.

  35. Alex

    Actually, ice chewing is a common craving for anemics– It’s not necessarily tied to gestational diabetes.

  36. bflogurl

    The photo in the pink dress looks like Ben Savage in drag.

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