Britney Spears Should Probably Miss Her Court Appearance Again

Britney Spears missed her last court appearance regarding her conservatorship earlier this week due to a misunderstanding, but the commissioner gave her a do-over for today. If the girl can’t make a court date then maybe it is worth $16,000 a month for Jamie Spears to be on top of things. Especially since there are reports of bizarre behavior since returning to the U.S. from her Circus tour.

The mentally delicate singer has been speaking in a British accent as she did before her 2008 unraveling.  The excuse this time is that she is obsessed with Family Guy and watches the box set repeatedly in her penthouse suite in the Mondrian Hotel in LA and wants to talk like Stewie. Furthermore her house is down the street from the Mondrian, so why is she staying in a hotel?

A source told the Daily Mail “She’s no reason to be here.  Last time she had staff running around after her kids as they had both caught flu and she had no medicine for them.  She uses the gym, is waited on, and she uses the babysitting service.” 

Perhaps in mental preparation for court today, Spears hit up the yesterday in the rain with boyfriend Jason Trawick.  She is wearing a Nixon shirt with his nickname “Dick” on it which, let’s face it, is also pretty weird.  Please look after her Jamie.