Britney Spears Child Abuse Case Dropped

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has officially dropped its child abuse investigation against Britney Spears, after a looney former bodyguard reported her whipping her sons with his belt. You heard it here first: the story sounded fishy from the beginning.

The same cray-cray bodyguard who accused Britney (pictured shopping in Woodland Hills, CA yesterday) of sexual harassment Fernando Flores made the allegations, which were swiftly check out by CPS. Turns out, there was  “absolutely no truth to the accusations,” a Spears’ family insider said. “Sean and Jayden’s pediatricians submitted
documentation that the boys were healthy, and that they have never seen
any signs of abuse.” The case was officially closed after the department got that info from the boys’ doctor.

Poor Britney. The girl has enough problems. At least giving her son’s proper care isn’t one of them. The insider added, “Britney would never lay a hand on either one of her sons,
she loves them so much.”