Britney Spears Bestowing The Honor Of Naming Her New Album On Her Fans

June 14th, 2007 // 55 Comments

Howabout calling it “Cankles” or “Red Bull N’ Funions”? Britney Spears’ official site is asking her fans to choose from several options in naming her new album.

“You’ll Never See it My Way,
Because You’re Not Me”

Britney is asking her most die-hard fans for some assistance in order to name her upcoming album.

Possible Album Titles:

1. Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like
2. What if the Joke is on You
3. Down boy
4. Integrity
5. Dignity

Members of the Britney Spears Official Fan Club can vote by clicking here!

We left #5 behind about five exits back. What about “The White Trash Flareup Project”? Let’s hear it from our readers – what do YOU think she should call it?


More photos of Britney in white (and the screenshot of her website) after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Moonshining with the Sperminator

  2. sassyne

    Red bull and funions..LOL!!! How about “Beer and Cheetos”?

  3. green cardigan

    Sorry, probably only get one go but I’m taking two !

    how about ‘I’m bringing skanky back’

  4. Linda B

    How about..”Are you really gonna buy this album”?

  5. Stan

    Extentions of myself

  6. Go away Witless Spears

    How about: Irresponsible, In Denial, and Insufferably Stupid?

  7. pink

    Name it: Take Pity

  8. stan

    I’m sorry I meant:

    EXSTENTIONS of myself

  9. T-Bone

    A Work in Progress ;)

  10. storm

    “i can sing, ops i did it again”

  11. Sassy

    Sinead’s Back

  12. Akare

    I would say “I really need this come back y’all”

  13. SARAH


  14. lookwhaticando

    How about Brainless wonder – Or Show me yours I’ll show you Mine

  15. House Payment

    The White (Powder) Album

    Hello Nasty

  16. Mr. T

    I’ve read that to vote, you have to be a member of her fan club, which means you have to shill out $25 just to vote. I don’t think so. Opps, she did it again (flashed the vag). Britney’s so toxic down there. Run, K-Fed, run!

  17. icky

    Voted first to OD in the deathpool, y’all!

  18. C.U.N.T.

    Currently Utilizing No Talent

  19. C.U.N.T.

    Currently Utilizing No Talent

  20. Fuschia

    “Hey y’alls…where’s mah babies?”

  21. close.the.legs

    freshly waxed but still nasty

  22. close.the.legs

    the vagina sing-alongs

  23. givemeabreak

    How about “Hairless and tattooed”

  24. rosetta

    “Confessions over beer”

  25. Veda Lux


  26. Veda Lux


  27. Stinky Minky

    Panties Optional

  28. Vi

    “Vomit and Flashing”

  29. tatiana

    “Hairless and Tattooed” Yep LOL!!

  30. Cal

    “What Makes This Hick Tick”

  31. rosetta

    “Take your wig off and SHOUT”

  32. Plumeria


  33. givemeabreak

    “Memoirs and Cheetos”

  34. rosetta

    “Keep your eyes on your own Brown Bag”

  35. jrsrock

    Album title ideas:
    “The (goin) Commando Chronicles”
    “I’m not as think as you drunk I am”
    “Please buy this album so my children don’t have to eat Ramen noodles their whole life”

  36. stolidog

    Popsicles and Press-Ons, The Real Me.


    Overexposed and Over.

  37. e

    “Swing Low Sweet Turkey Lips”

  38. e

    “Swing Low Sweet Turkey Lips”

  39. Samantha Jones

    How about:

    ‘I’m Stupid and Don’t Even Know It Album’

  40. Vi

    (Upper) Lip Synching and (Lower) Lip Swinging

  41. Cal

    “Poops, I Did It Again”

  42. AbagaleAdams


  43. G-Man

    ,,The Fake Fat Pirate of the Carribbean”

    ,,The Toilet in My Trailer Is Toxic”

    Hugh Hefner And His Bunny Huge Heffer And Her Tranny

    ,,They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab And I Said to My Manager – Go, Go, Go”

    ,,Binges ‘n ‘Promises’”

    ,,My Kids Rock (Especially When I Don’t Have to See Them)”

    “Fame” ,,Fake”

  44. Diddles

    How about “Barefoot and Cheetos” or “Steel Vaginas” or “Makin Love at the Olive Garden”

  45. G-Man

    Hey, the HTML tags don’t work! Oh well, you’ll get it anyway …

  46. LotusFlower

    Crotch Shot the comeback album

  47. LotusFlower

    Crotch Shot the comeback album

  48. LotusFlower

    Crotch Shot the comeback album

  49. LotusFlower

    Crotch Shot the comeback album

  50. stolidog

    Slash & Burn

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