Britney Spears: Believe

September 28th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Do we really want to?

By Michael Prieve

  1. catseyesvc

    yeah, i believe in photoshop.

  2. ickivicki

    Do we really have to?

  3. AB

    Smell my finger!!!!!!

  4. green cardigan

    Believe in the Power of Cheetos.

    Go Brit Brit :)

  5. nastybugger

    how fucking unconscious do they think the public is?

    she hasn’t looked like that in about 5 years.

    why would anyone buy a fragrance called “believe” when the ad is not to be believed?

    talk about irony…

  6. Boney

    smells like Mad Dog 20/20 and Marlboro lights, yummy

  7. fluffy rabbit

    I fully expect to see this in the 1/2 price bargain bins at the local wal-mart.

  8. oole3000

    she seriously looks like she has a football players neck! totally photoshopped.

  9. jbonz

    That’s not even Britney! That’s her “cousin” Alli Sims. Look closely…

  10. Jennifer

    NO I don’t believe. What a boring ad. And Britney doesn’t look like that anymore. And with her reputation, who would want to buy her perfume anyway.

  11. olive

    I think she should come out with her own line of Cheetos.

  12. amanda

    gag me!
    even with photoshop she is totaly gross!belive me!

  13. Paris

    A thousand times no!

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