Britney Spears Arrives at Court With Adnan Gahlib

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: After showing up late and hemming and hawing about going inside the court house to testify for today’s hearing with her ex over their kids, it’s no surprise that it’s been revealed that Britney told her lawyers she had no interest in testifying today. It sounds as if she arrived in her car and met with two of her lawyers in her Escalade and it was at that point that Britney told them she’d rather not go inside. She circled the court house again, only to leave shortly thereafter. Apparently, she might still return to court later in the day, but God only knows at this point.

Speaking of God, Britney paid a visit this afternoon to the Little Brown Church in the San Fernando Valley and was mobbed by a sea of photographers–nothing new here, really–but I’m guessing that even Jesus couldn’t help her keep her kids at this point.

UPDATE: OK, so Britney gave paparazzi quite a headache when she arrived at the L.A. County Courthouse today for her custody hearing. First, she circled around the building and got out of her car to head in to court, making her way through the throng of paparazzi, telling them to “Move back, I’m scared. Stop it.” Then, she went in and did her business, returned to the safety of her car, drove around the building once more and finally left. So, we can safely say that Britney Spears has left the building.