Britney’s Assistant Spills the Beans While Britney Refuses to Promote Her Album

October 31st, 2007 // 10 Comments

Britney, honey, if you’re going to wear the hooker dress, at least have the common sense to slap on some make-up. Ugh, and I just realized that she looks like she’s wearing a half-assed Ann Coulter costume. Well, a poor choice of wardrobe is the least of her problems right now, with Brit-Brit’s assistant, Kalie Machado, spilling the beans to Us Weekly about her experiences with the pop star during her tumultuous break-up from Kevin Federline.

“She wanted so badly to have the father of her babies. When Britney thought about Kevin not wanting her, she would bawl,” Machado tells Us. “She would look at Sean and Jayden and say, ‘Where’s your daddy? I need help. Where’s your daddy?’”

Britney was so stuck on Kevin that she kept framed pictures of the two of them all throughout her Malibu house. But the topper is that she kept wedding dress hung up in her bedroom. How Great Expectations of her. The assistant’s recommendation for Britney is that she “needs mental help.” It’s not surprising then that Britney’s been lagging on her duties to promote her new album, “Blackout.” And now, her label has had enough of her antics and has given up trying to get her to help with the marketing at all, according to the New York Daily News.

“They can’t get Britney to do anything!” said a source close to the label and Spears. “They did get her to do one photo-shoot for some promotional materials, but beyond that, they can’t trust her to even show up. This album could’ve been so much bigger with Britney involved.”

There aren’t even plans for a tour at this point. I suppose the magical elves in my television that make my TV shows could help her out with promoting her album. That’s probably more likely to happen than Britney getting her shit together suddenly.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    The fact that she was gutted after FedEx packed his bags and left when the children were born, might go some way to explaining her lack of interest in them now. She probably never wanted to be a single mother and that’s where she has found herself, and she can’t deal with it.

    But it’s too late to cry over Fed Ex. There are two small boys who are facing a life of misery if she doesn’t get her act together.

    it’s just depressing.

  2. stolidog

    I’s so tired of looking at that triangle of zits on her face.
    Well, I’m tired of looking at her face in general, but the pimples make it worse.

  3. jbonz

    So Britney’s album would have been a lot more successful if Britney had been involved with it, eh?
    That speaks volumes about the music industry!

  4. T-Bone

    “The assistant’s recommendation for Britney is that she “needs mental help.”

    Ah YEAH — HELLO…. at least someone’s paying attention! This poor girl has been called every name in the book and treated like a pile of sh*t when the truth is SHE. NEEDS. HELP.

  5. green cardigan

    If you eat enough cheetos, do you think your skin would eventually go orange?

  6. green cardigan

    sorry’ ate’ not ‘eat’.
    Munch crunch.

    Crikey, i couldn’t spell my way out of a bag of cheetos sometimes.

  7. Kayla

    Losing it didn’t happen over night nor will getting it together! This girl is under the microscope 24/7, has been lied to and used after the slime ball got her pregnant twice! KFed is trying to look like the nice guy here but guess what? He is not fooling anyone! You are a pig KFed! You used her for fame and now you want her money too! What goes around comes around and you will end the end get yours! i might not have even wanted to live after what she’s been thru. This is a young girl and yes troubled, but if the paps and critics would back the f— off maybe her getting help would come sooner. Millions love you still Britney and are praying for you. Congrats on your new CD Blackout!

  8. maddie

    Girl needs to head back to Louisiana. She could get a job at Wal Mart or a Dollar Store and live happily ever after!

  9. nastybugger

    “got her pregnant”? didn’t she have something to do with it? and couldn’t she have done something to PREVENT it if she didn’t want to be pregnant?

    shit, that’s as ridic as saying that a woman gets pregnant to trap a man. a man can wrap it up just as easily as not. if he doesn’t, there’s no “trapping” going on.

    and if a person doesn’t realize that sex without protection can lead to a baby, they shouldn’t be having sex.

  10. celebfan

    man guys just give her a break…she like us…she’s a human not something else…just GIVE HER A BREAK…

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