Britney Spears, Angry Wench, Hopes for Decent Album Sales

October 30th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Holy Evil Bar Maid! I really hope this get-up can be attributed to the fact that tomorrow is Halloween, otherwise it looks like Ms. Britney Spears is doing some serious fashion backsliding. Her boobs appear to be held hostage in an uncomfortable prison. Luckily, however, they don’t seem to have any means of escape available. Walking around looking like a hot mess is nothing new for young Ms. Spears, whose “comeback” album, “Blackout” is a crap shoot to see if she can still produce music that her fans can rally behind. That just reminds me of poor Keri Hilson, the songwriter for “Gimme More,” who had such high hopes for Britney’s performance of the song at the VMAs, as she told us in an interview just before the event. However, even though Britney’s future is uncertain, her label puts on a brave face for the media.

“As Britney’s label, it’s not our place to comment on her personal issues, but we do care about her and support her,” label spokesman Allan Mayer said in a recent statement. “Britney’s a grown woman who makes her own choices, and we respect that. But she faces challenges that most of us can’t really imagine.”

I guess only time will tell. After listening to some of the tracks on the album, I feel like they did good to put the Kylie Minoge voice filter on Britney, but even though it’s a fun, danceable album, in my opinion, there’s not a strong, memorable single. Still, it’s good to hear her making music again and I salute that. And her decision to harness those puppies on her chest.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. jbonz

    Sure, she’s a barmaid. A German beerwench. You can tell by the two blutwursts she’s chewing on
    (-what? Injections? Collagen?)

    Never mind.

  2. urban_g6

    Got the album this morning on iTunes…best Britney album I’ve heard. Check any critic review out there, they’ll tell you the same. I guess a little crazy works for you when you’re a musician.

  3. ickivicki

    Alright, before I run out and buy her new album I want to hear from everyone who has already bought/listened to it. Is it any good?

  4. Jenny

    album is full of catchy dance tracks. I love it!

  5. stolidog


  6. TinaLorraine

    Are they kidding? What kind of goddamn challenges is this bitch facing? She’s rich, she has 2 healthy children! What a skank.

  7. Someone Who HAS Taste

    a musician? LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break. Keep encouraging her, and this shitty mess will be everywhere. Good job, dorks.

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