Was This Part Of A Haunted House?

I would run screaming if I had entered this foul Halloween attraction. Jesus. Does she have fangs in? That Red Bull can is full of terror. She needs more denim. Britney Spears is throwing anything she can against the wall to try and make it stick at this point. Reportedly, some of the promo pics from her new album “Flatout” I mean “Blackout” show her trying to seduce a Catholic priest. Like “The Thorn Birds” except it’s “The Shit Birds”.

The images are to promote her new album Blackout–which is released on Tuesday–but the shots, in which the troubled singer is dressed in a black blouse, short black miniskirt and fishnet stockings, will outrage the Catholic church with her suggestive poses.

In one picture, Spears is snapped leaning seductively against the confession box as a young priest listens to her repent her sins, while in another photo, Spears is shown sitting on his lap inside the cubical.

Classy. She’s so outrageous. What’s next? Hitchhiking naked? Shockingly original! I’m not into organized religion but if that Jesus guy could smite her ass, I’m down with it.

Photos: WENN