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Britney Spears got to terrify and confuse her kids again by being in their prescence, and reports say that the court-appointed monitor’s take on her parenting is very “damaging” Well, yeah, you can’t practice weaves on your babies! They just look like tiny trannies!

The star’s visitation rights could again be in jeopardy with new claims her parenting supervisor has handed in a blistering report on her mothering skills.

The sealed file has been described by a source as “very damaging”, detailing how Britney “paid her (monitor) no attention or respect at all, as if she were some employee whom she could blow off.”

The source told Us Weekly: “Britney’s often distracted and in her own world when she has the kids and has a hard time focusing”.

“She is adamant that she doesn’t have to listen to anybody.”

All she’s hearing are the voices in her head and they’re telling her to wear clothes that don’t fit her and that it’s ok for kids to eat paint chips . Don’t trust those voices! Put on underwear! On this second supervised visit with the kids, she took them to….wait for it….Starbuck’s. Does she have stock in that company? You know they’re not happy they’re being linked with her. “Uh, Miss, we can’t actually make a cheesefries frappuccino. Sorry.”

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By J. Harvey

  1. moi

    seriously. if i had to have some middle age mom-jean wearing dour faced old grape following me around telling how to ‘parent’ i’d ignore her ass too. and i’d also use her as a babysitter while i continued to do what every other mom in the world does…talk on the phone and change clothes, lol. hello. i’m serious. altho i believe brit’s got some serious PPD, i really don’t blame her attitude towards this creepy lady at all. did you see the face this lady was making in the car? would you be apt to ask this woman for any advice? other than how to look like 50 yr old hag?

  2. nastybugger

    interesting…if you would “ignore her too”, then you’d probably not get your kids back, either. she’s not there to give advice on anything except how to be a better parent. she does this sort of thing for a living and was appointed by the court, so I’d say she probably knows what she’s doing.

    and unfortunately, moi, listening to and abiding by what this person says is what brit has to do to get her kids back, and keep them. If brit chooses to ignore her advice or disrespect why she’s there, the judge will take that into consideration when he/she makes a decision on whether or not brit gets her kids. whether or not brit likes it or even realizes it (and, clearly, she doesn’t), this woman’s opinion matters. You act like brit is totally justified in her actions. What her actions say to me is that she really doesn’t want her kids back full time…which is what I’ve been saying for a while now. They interfere too much with her lifestyle.

    it’s not PPD, it’s her absolute narcissism. she loves herself more than anyone else, including her kids, so it’s ALWAYS all about her. and, most likely, always will be.

  3. moi

    i’m sorry i called you a dour old grape and you took offense. didn’t know you read these boards….didn’t brit offer to buy you a coffee at starbucks and now you’re pissed?

  4. mich

    seriously, brit. remove head from sphincter, then drive.

  5. nastybugger

    gee, moi, what a scathing retort.

    is that it? no intelligent reply?

    I guess someone who would actually defend brit’s recent behavior can’t handle a mature, civil discussion on the topic at hand.

  6. Can I get a Funyun Frappuccino ya’ll?

  7. Zekers

    …a Funyun Frappuccino…laughing…

    Bottom line Moi-if Britney doesn’t listen to this court appointed “dour-faced old grape” she isn’t going to get her kids back…so it’s about being mature enough to at least pretend to be respectful and attentive to the woman’s suggestions.

  8. moi

    actually nastbug, I had other things to do….like talk on the phone. or change my clothes. And altho I typed a reply quickly and partially backwards, I still realize how offended you were when I called you a hag. And I apologize. In your position of ‘helping parents’ you should show more willingness to actually help rather thanm continue to criticize her and say how you knew from the beginning she didn’t want her kids. I absolutely agree she needs help, with PPD, which falls into line with your way of thinking that she doesn’t really even want her kids. But to continue to condemn her? What kind of court-appointed worker are you? Perhaps they should try someone else. Without your attitude. I’m glad I don’t live in Cali with the cart and pnoy show this court puts on. No wonder she’s doomed.

  9. moi

    yes, zekers, she probably should try to look like she’s acting like she could pretend to listen to this woman. But that doesn’t solve her problem or get to the root of it at all. She needs to leave LA and get back into the real world, get some meds for the PPD, and rediscover real life. Not the LA fantasy world she and everyone else out there live in, kwim? This hag, I mean, woman, not helping at all.

  10. is that you?

    Jamie Lynn? Is that you? Maybe you should go back to telling women in Malibu that they should f*cking move out of the neighborhood or actually help your sister recover from her drugged-out state and spend less time defending Brit’s atrocious parenting skills and otherwise dazed disposition on the Internet. Xoxo, the rest of America.

  11. nastybugger

    call me anything you like, moi…I’m not really offended by someone who is clearly not mature or intelligent enough to realize what the court-appointed coach is there for. or someone who would actually defend brit’s behavior toward said coach. (and if you REALLY believe that I’m her court appointed monitor, you’re either crazy or delusional…again, not someone I’m terribly offended by.)

    PPD? hardly. her actions don’t point to that. her actions point to a person who had children for the wrong reasons, and is now acting like they’re an inconvenience for her. besides that, her youngest is over a year old…a bit long for her to still be suffering from PPD.

  12. Zekers

    See that’s the thing, moi, you and I don’t know if the woman was really just doing her job and Britney just dug in her heels and covered her ears…lalala, you know? Yes, Britney needs help, quite obviously, but ignoring ANYTHING court ordered is just not wise and somehow, I doubt it had anything to do with the court-appointed worker being a “hag;” and, if she is/was, it doesn’t matter, the burden is on Britney, not the court-worker. The woman could be Attila the Hun and it wouldn’t matter, Britney has to dance to the court’s tune, no excuses.

  13. moi

    true again, zekers, but at her age, without the fame and fortune to cloud my ego, I wouldn’t have listened to this woman….it’s an immaturity issue as well. And yes,nastybug, unchecked PPD can continue for over a year, don’t be a dolt.

  14. Jennifer

    I am not feeling too sympathetic toward Britney at the moment! I mean, does she want her kids back? Does she care, or are they burdens to her, would she rather Kevin took care of them so she could continue partying all the time. As far as I’m concerned, if she really wanted her kids back, and the court said “Jump.” she’d say “How high, your honor?” Instead, she’s acting like she doesn’t really give a crap.

  15. nastybugger

    yes, jennifer, I think that’s exactly it…she doesn’t want them back full time and considers them a burden. any person who TRULY wanted their kids back would do everything the judge ordered. they wouldn’t blow off drug tests or meetings with the parenting coach. and they surely wouldn’t give any ammunition to the person who’s going to report to the judge on their parenting skills.

    IMO, she probably would prefer that Kevin take care of them full time, but if she gives them up voluntarily, she comes off looking like she doesn’t want them. if she at least “fights” for them in court, she may be able to keep what few fans she has left and give them the impression that she’s a good mommy who loves her kids. however, her actions since the judges orders indicate the opposite, and she won’t listen to anyone’s advice on the issue.

  16. T-Bone

    I’m definitely a Britney supporter (I think we all know that); however, one would think that if Brit Brit wants her kids back, she’d do everything in her power to convince “old sour grape face” that she is the best mom in the world.

  17. rootabega

    she doesnt give a shit about anything other than frappucinos and cheetos so get over it! how can you still be supporting this waste of space. wow.

  18. jojo

    nice platapus

  19. stolidog

    Quack, quack.

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