Britney Spears’ Dancers Say “Gimme More!”

And here we have more pictures of Britney from our “Terrified and Behind the Wheel” photo series. Man, driving looks like such a chore–I don’t know why she doesn’t use a teleporter to get places. Oh that’s right–it hasn’t been invented yet. Nevermind. If Britney looks like she feels the walls closing in, it might have something to do with the fact that in addition to her custody troubles, she’s also facing some issues with the back-up dancers who performed with her during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. An inside source revealed to Us Weekly that the performers were never paid in full–possibly due in part to the fact that Britney was released from “The Firm,” her former management last month. The tipster revealed:

“Her management usually pays the dancers.”

Seriously, she needs to make sure that those people get paid–they’re the only reason the performance was worth watching. It was sad, really, seeing them try that much harder to dance their asses off, while Britney just sort of wandered around the stage, looking like a woman who had been trying on clothes in a dressing room, and got distracted and left before she could put her clothes back on.