Britney Spears Gets Dissed by Roseanne Barr

I know this is just a nano-second in time captured by photographers, but I’m starting to really enjoy these random photographs of Britney appearing to be asleep at the wheel of her car. It doesn’t help her reputation as a driver. And from Roseanne Barr’s perspective, Britney’s reputation as a mother is also questionable. To be specific, Roseanne recently voiced her opinion on her blog concerning Brit-Brit’s parenting skills in her trademark subtle fashion.

“The judge is trying to teach you a lesson, shut your mouth and learn it! You are a bad mother, and so is your mother!

“Get your s**t together and take care of your kids. Your mom needs to lock your spoiled a** in the basement or wherever it is that you cannot get any more drugs. Stop drinking immediately too.”

Ooh, Roseanne, you think you’re big and bad on your blog, but I dare you to say that to Jamie Lynn’s face. Girlfriend may be small, but she’s scrappy and I suspect would do her best to mess you up. Look at me, trying to stir shit up. I can’t help it…I’m bored.

Photos: WENN