Britney Will No Longer Be Scaring the Bejeesus out of Unsuspecting Floridians

Billboards emblazoned with the face of an enraged, freshly-shorn Britney Spears alongside pictures of a morning radio talk show host have caught the attention of Spears’ legal team, who are requesting that the Florida radio station responsible for the advertisements remove them pronto. The words “Shock Therapy,” “Certifiable,” and “Total Nut Jobs,” accompany the image of a bald Britney, who bares her teeth as she stares angrily at the camera. Clear Channel Communications owns WFLZ, the station hosted by talk show host, Todd Schnitt, featured with Britney in the billboards, and has been contacted by Spears’ legal team with a letter stating that the pictures cannot be used without the pop star’s consent.

“Clear Channel was already exposed to substantial liability for its offensive, unauthorized commercial exploitation of my client’s photograph on the billboards,” the letter said.

“Once again, we demand the immediate removal of the billboards, confirmed by documentary evidence and verified under penalty of perjury,” it said.

An interview with host, Schnitt, revealed that he was “not happy” with Clear Channel’s decision to remove the advertisements in compliance with Spears’ letter. Usually, I’m all for making fun of Britney Spears and her awesome (yet somewhat terrifying) public meltdown. However, my disdain for the majority of morning radio talk show hosts is clouding my judgment at the moment. Also, if I happened to be driving through Florida, I’m pretty sure the last thing I’d want to see is a giant picture of an angry Britney looking at me like she’d like to bite through my skull and eat my brains, which is clearly what she’s thinking in this picture.