Britney Spears Almost Drops Sean Preston

May 18th, 2006 // 53 Comments

I’m thinking poor Britney just needs to stay at home for a little while. Possibly under observation. TMZ has a few more photos of the near drop.

Britney was holding a drink in her right hand and Sean in her left as she maneuvered through a crowd of onlookers. Britney moves through the crowd and then she suddenly trips, the baby’s head goes backward and his hat flies off his head. Britney regained her balance and the baby seemed ok.

Yes, stay indoors while sitting down. She may as well just keep Sean Preston in his playpen as well.

Britney Stumbles — Almost Drops Baby Sean [TMZ]

UPDATE: A photo of Sean Federline losing his cap and nearly saying hello to the pavement – after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Chela

    Some people just should not breed……..

  2. tia

    Everytime that baby is with Britney something dangerous almost happens. What if he would’ve really fallen ?! Sean P. needs to spend time with kfed. Im starting to believe he may take care of him way better than Brit. Poor baby.

  3. C

    SCARY! The state of California needs to send her to mandatory parenting classes. She can learn about carseats, high chairs, proper baby care, and what applies to this scenario – strollers! Can she not put baby in a stroller? Thank God her bodyguard with the porno ‘stache was helping her. Give the man a raise!

    Not to mention this prolly wouldn’t of happened had she not been surrounded by a bunch of photo hogs who can’t be bothered to get out of her way. Britney, have your man-nanny carry your drink and you use both arms to hold the little one. PLEASE?

    Poor baby.

  4. las

    Thank God the guy behind her had good reflexes. Why doesn’t Britney have HIM carry the kid, since he probably wouldn’t trip on his Wal-mart wedges and fall on top of him?

  5. emily

    That poor baby! What the fuck is wrong with Brit?
    God knows what shes gonna do with the other baby shes carrying.

  6. mango1

    Poor baby..She needs to hold on to him with both hands!!

  7. Yo

    Look at the hair on boy, did Kevin try to give him corn rows? No wonder he was wearing a hat.

  8. Yo again

    That kid is so ugly! HAHA

  9. Jackson

    But hey, she didn’t spill a drop of her drink ! What mother wouldn’t drop that glass to grab her baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ariel

    she was tripping how is that her fault. Beside the baby didn’t fall. LEAVE HER ALONE. she is not perfect.

  11. jen

    She needs to divorce K Fed pronto. Without him there spending her money, she might have some left to hire someone to carry her drink for her. Or better yet, BUY A STROLLER. Has this woman never heard of a stroller or a car seat because she never seems to use them! Seriously Britney, wtf???!!!

  12. T.

    That’s it. I’m not defending Britney for one minute longer. I used to think it was kind of nice that she, unlike most celebs, brings her baby along, rather than leave the kid with a nanny. Now, it seems to me, she’s just plain irresponsible. Don’t blame the press, Britney KNOWS they’re omnipresent, it’s not like, “Whoa! What the ….? Who are all these people?” Put the fucking drink down, and hold your baby with both hands, Retard.

  13. gOssiP

    so Ariel, did she accidently drive with a baby on her lap. or irresponsibly place his carseat the wrong way in a CONVERTIBLE. come on, your just as stupid as she is. i can’t stand the idiots that stand up for this idiot.

    yes, she tripped, not her fault. but i’m blown away by the lack of concern on her face, and the fact that she didn’t drop the drink to try and catch her baby with TWO HANDS! OMG! i can’t get over this girl. so mind blowing. i think baby suri is safer with the scientologists than sean preston is w/his parents.

    and by the way, who is that creepy guy that is now in the 3 blogs posted recently on britney?

  14. blondEE

    i can already hear her response to this one…

    “oh my God, the paparazzi were all over the place, and then they pushed me. and fearing for my son’s life i dropped him on the curb. i mean i saved my drink, i mean my son. you know, just like that time he helped drive us to safety…”

    HELLO, DFYS, are you out there?????

  15. anonymous

    i can’t wait for the day that sean preston grows up (if he makes it there…), sees all these pics, and slaps his mother in the face, for being a “dumb hoe”

  16. las

    Tell me, Ariel, was it NOT HER FAULT that she kept a tight grip on the drink as her kid almost took a cement dive? Ore that she isn’t even looking at him?

    Just like she ACCIDENTALLY drove with him in her lap, and ACCIDENTALLY left him unbuckled and falling out of his seat, and ACCIDENTALLY got him diving headfirst to the floor…

    Which reminds me, after seeing these touching photos, does anyone still believe that the nanny had anything to do with SPF’s prior fall? Britney probably tripped on a crack pipe, and dropped SPF because her other hand had a bag of cheetos.

  17. lola

    does anyone notice how she doesn’t seem at all frazzeled when the baby is practically about to break his spine or neck? the guy behind her (who is that guy anyways? just some random good deed do-er?)britney seems like she’s totally okay with it…something that happens everyday…

  18. JustMe

    Dude, she tripped. Get over it. She messed up once and now they are on her ass for EVERYTHING. Tripping happens. I’m sure that all you mothers out there know this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for Britney, but this is getting retarted.

  19. JustMe

    Oh my GOD, and now you all are professional analysts, and can tell how concerned she is by three snapshots? People hold babies and carry things in their other hands ALL the time!!!

    gOssip:There is no need to personaly attack someone. I think we’re all grown up here.

  20. jodroc

    I think everyone needs to chill the hell out and leave her alone. She is spending time with him and trying to be very hands on.

    Babies are wriggling, moving entities and things happen to them. (i can reel off heaps of things that have happened to people i know and their babies and they are fine. My Grandmother still talks about when i fell off the bed, my brother had 2 black eyes when he fell out of a toy car – and we are fine. there was no neglect.)

    She is a young mum trying to raise her baby with everyone judging her. Leave her alone.

    I am sure that if every new mum was watched for 24 hours a day…and every move reported on – they would have at least as many dramas at Britney.

  21. Megan Heart

    We poor mothers who live on $30,000 a year learn to maneuver a child, grocery bags and other things all at once. However, if I am about to trip, my groeceries I don’t care how expensive are the first to go. Besides, I park my baby in a stroller if I have other things to carry. A woman this rich has NO EXCUSE for being that ignorant about simple things that a mother MUST learn once you have a baby.

    Carrying a baby properly is MY JOB so I do it well – and it is my priority. No more excuses for this woman. She is too rich to not know.

  22. I don’t mean park in a trailer literally. I mean I put my baby in a stroller and hang the bags on the handles of the stroller, etc. Mother’s common sense! Wake up Britney!

  23. CM

    Scary thing is that there are TONS of people who just do not know how to take care of babies properly.

    We’re only seeing this with Britney because she’s a celebrity. I’ve seen some questionable parents whenever I take public transit.

  24. las

    jodroc, yes babies are wriggling creatures. Which is why Britney needs to have her TWO BODYGUARDS carry her glass (can’t be without mah moonshine! hic!) or a stroller.

    Don’t say that she is just a young mom. She’s not. She is a wealthy woman who has to do absolutely nothing, and has armies of lackeys to do everything for her. Yet she can’t walk down a street without dropping her kid. They call that an unfit mother.

    There are MANY mothers who have children in Hollywood, and come under scrutiny. NONE of them have dropped their kid headfirst on the pavement. Zahara Jolie-Pitt made the cover of US the moment she was adopted, yet somehow Angelina managed not to drop her on her head, huh?

  25. skrpune

    if Britney would wear pants that were the right length & stop wearing uber-platform shoes, then maybe she’d be able to handle walking without tripping!

  26. zippity

    My God, SPF is never going to see his 3rd birthday at the rate of death defying falls, trips and car rides. I wonder why gravity has such an adverse effect on this child?

    She clearly loves him but is clueless about anything remotely safe for a child, or how to change. I had heard she was a complete dope, but now I do believe it. She can’t help it she’s just stupid.

    It’s like… why I had 10 hamsters when I was 5. Horrible accidents, each and every one.

  27. Whatsthatsmellycelebthinking

    Born to make u happy,and now ur throwing me into the public,Oops she did it again,Sometimes i run,But throwing me away is a bit to much mommy!

    Can she get some credit,the woman is under alot of pressure,(ow really,is she a celeb?)

    Momma spears is doing a good job,the baby didn’t fall,and money doesnt keep a baby away from fallin.

  28. cocoamomma

    I have a new baby too just weeks older than Sean Preston, and I can truthfully tell that babies are squirmly, moving entities with minds of their own. I’ve stumbled a time or two with her in my arms ( no harm done) and she’s fallen from the bed (also no harm done). Babies are very resilient creatures. I agree with the others that say she should have a stroller or have dropped the drink, these were my first thoughts as well. She could have a stroller with a drink holder like I do!!! However, she must learn from her mistakes in her own time like any new parent and she has possibly never been around or cared for any little ones before. I don’t think it’s cool for people to be scrutinizing her every move and criticizing her, she will only fall into a deeper depression than it’s clearly obvious she is in now. Britney would definitely benefit from some strict guidelines on being a parent or joining a mommy group for some advice…but we the “little people” cannot make that happen – so I say “BACK THE F*#@ OFF!!!” on behalf of new mom’s everywhere. Btw…where is her ever present Mommy Dearest these days??? Seems she needs her more than ever…

  29. icequeen

    I understand that accidents happen. BUT, Mama Spears could reduce the probability of this sort of thing happening if she (a)Wore low heeled shoes, especially since she’s pregnant again, as that throws off your center of gravity to begin with. (b) Put down the damn drink. Even if it’s straight vodka, it’s not necessary to tote it around town with her. (c) Carry her child with both hands…ESPECIALLY if she’s surrounded by people! Even if she didn’t trip, she could have been bumped into by people jostling around her, and Sean could have been knocked out of her grasp.

    You know, prior to her marrying K-fuckup, and having baby Sean, I had no feelings one way or another about this woman. Now, she just seems to make one screw up after another…at the expense of that poor baby.

    The really sad part of it is, that I bet she sits home at night, chewing her gum, and admiring the filth on the bottom of her feet from never wearing shoes, and wondering “why is everyone always picking on me????”.

  30. Kris

    That poor kid’s head, not to mention neck. And he isn’t even walking yet. It’s not K-Fed who creeps me out anymore – it’s Britney. I’m truly beginning to wonder if these ‘accidents’ aren’t related to Munchausen syndrome.

    Some people just should not breed……..

    or marry.

  31. super

    I think it has more to do with the fact that she is constantly being judged, I mena a lot of people make mistakes with their children, it’s hard learning how to be a parent, I used to wake my son up every 2 minutes, just to check if he was still alive, after a week he was completely sick because of lack of sleep. Anyone under the glass for so long will just be mistake after istake after mistake. If people would lay off a litle she would do so much better.

  32. oopsIdroppedhimagain

    Did anyone else notice she’s wearing a black regular bra with a white halter top? I know it’s petty considering she’s got some brain damage to inflict, but what was she thinking when she got dressed to go out in public?

  33. Kris

    It truly mystifies me how people can comment on how Britney LOOKS, what she WEARS, and how CUTE she is.
    Well guess what, ‘floons. Her child doesn’t give a SH!T about all that trivial garbage.
    He needs a MOTHER more than you fans need someone to gush over. Got it???

    For Sean’s sake, I’m GLAD the media is all over his pathetic excuse for a mother.

  34. las

    Super, the woman is not only immature but stupid as a rock as well. In fact, a rock might be smarter. Certainly it would make a better parent.

    What makes you think that she wouldn’t do things like drop the kid on his head or fail to buckle him in if people didn’t take pictures? There are people who are barely scraping by and have no one to help them, yet they manage to raise children well. And poor sweet Britney (with her millions and her army of lackeys) is so stressed by a few paparazzi that she keeps almost killing her baby?

    She does not do things like not buckle him in, put him in her lap, or drop him because she is being mocked. She’s doing these things because she is DUMB.

    Perhaps she’s hoping to have a girl this time that she can dress up like a doll, so she’s surreptitiously trying to get rid of the trial baby.

  35. Suz

    Honestly, that woman needs to have social services intervene ASAP. Forget the injuries that COULD have occurred – what about the terrible jolt the little tot received? Shaken baby syndrome, anyone? That she keeps putting her child at risk is beyond scary even if it is that she is really dim…

  36. Amen!


  37. CBIRL

    Give her a break, it can’t be easy to bring up a child in the public eye with cameras following you around all the time. I’m sure every mother at one stage or another has ‘almost’ slipped, baby in hand with too many things to carry!

  38. suckafree3

    JustMe, You would like to think that people who comment on here are grown up, but some aren’t. People who leave comments arent entitled to their opinion anymore because everyone decides to talk shit. Yea I know its lame.

    I agree though. Britney just tripped. It was an accident. This wasnt one of her lack of common sense moments. This particular situation was NOT her fault. People need to get off her jock. It was a simple accident. The people who comment on here act as if they cant make mistakes.

  39. Britney

    “Ha, ha girl! Hey, so right, I’m like, outside and shit today, and I got my drink in one hand, and Sean in the other. Like a dumbo, I almost trip and drop Sean! OMG, it was so funny! And I didn’t even spill my drink!”

  40. CHER


  41. Grammar police

    Cher, before you go casting the “illerate” stone you should consider learning how to spell “illiterate”….and how to use the word “their” versus “there.” You may also want to read over your comments before you hit the “post” button because your comment is full of grammatical errors and makes zero sense.

  42. Malakite

    Yeah, don’t risk dropping that drink. Just go ahead and drop the baby. The drink’s totally more important.

  43. bec

    ok..this is it. Everyone does make mistakes, BUT WHEN IT BECOMES A PART OF WHO YOU ARE, it’s not a mistake. Brittany chose to have this baby now she needs to stay home if leaving the house is too much for her to handle. Did Britney think having a baby would be like playing dollies?

  44. las


    Seriously, I am sick of people saying “oh, everyone carries a kid with one arm and lots of other stuff.” They do NOT in the street, which is more dangerous than indoors. That is why STROLLERS are invented.


    thank god the drink is alright, way to prioritize brit brit


    thank god the drink is alright, way to prioritize brit brit

  47. Maya Albert

    What in the hell is wrong with this little slut? She should not bring any other type of life into this world, not even a potted plant!

  48. Maya Albert

    HEY JUSTME! shes done way more to that boy than you think. The bitch is just a plain psycho pothead alcoholic who married a wannabe black kept man. The only reason your defending her is probably cuz ur a little girl. I used to love her until i grew up and realized that the bitch is retarded.

  49. Good Help Is Hard To Find

    Good thing she has a body guard who is more concerned about her baby than SHE is. If that kid had hit the pavement, Brit-Brit woulda FIRED his ass!

  50. poor brit she needs help from hubby kevin he is so lame and what is the problem with him when she had the baby he is gone all funny so brit needs help poor her and she got a baby coming soon in her tummy and she can’t be like this all her life

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