Britney Spears Did Not Break The Law

May 17th, 2006 // 21 Comments

Thank goodness, because I don’t think that Britney Spears would hold up well in prison. A few days ago Ms. Spears was photographed driving her Mini Cooper convertible with curlers in her hair. Sorry, that wasn’t the alleged crime. She had little eight-month-old son Sean Preston in the backseat of her car facing forward instead of backward, which is the safer direction for car seats according to California motor-vehicle code.

California Highway Patrol spokesman Tom Marshall says, “The seat is facing the wrong way. We like it when the child’s head is facing back.” The singer’s representatives have rejected the criticism, stating that because the baby is already over 20 pounds, he is allowed to face forward. In a statement, a spokesperson says, “It has been reported that there is a photo of Britney Spears driving with her child sitting in a forward-facing child safety seat in the back seat of the car. “Having a child in the child safety seat facing forward in the rear seat of the car is in compliance with California law. “There is no law in California requiring rear-facing seats. In fact, there are only ten states that require a child to be in a rear-facing seat, and in two of those states it is not required if the infant is more than 20 pounds. “Britney’s son Sean weighs over 20 pounds. As such, Britney Spears was in total compliance with California law with the forward-facing child safety car seat with the baby strapped in properly in the back of the car.” Spears has already received two visits from the Department of Children and Family Services – one in February (06), after she was photographed driving with her son sitting on her lap and one in April (06), when her son fell out of his highchair and injured his head. No action was taken in either case.

Spears Lashes Out At Latest Child Vehicle Charges [contactmusic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lena

    Oh… okay Brit… *eyesrolling*

  2. Greg

    This was a non-story from the beginning. Yawn. Let’s move on.

  3. onemoretime

    Britney obviously needs some help from a more seasoned mother. Children ARE to be rear facing until they are 12 mos, even if they are over 20 lbs. No, there may not be a law in California against such behavior, but this is not about loopholes. It’s about the safety of a child.

  4. Your Mom

    Yeah, let’s talk about common sense, here. It may not be the law, but the seat is OBVIOUSLY too big for him. And bless the poor baby’s heart…he’s in the back of a convertible with the top down. I’m sure there’s no law against that, either.

    Boo hoo, poor Shitney…people pick on her parenting skills b/c she’s in the spotlight. You know, we should all just lay off. It’s her prerogative, y’all. Like, totally just get off her back and stuff.

  5. maryanne29

    Call me overprotective but are there any California laws about having infants in a convertible? Why not let them ride on motorcycles and ATVs as well.

  6. Small Fry

    I’m with onemoretime on this one. While it may not be the law in California, my dr specifically told me that the child must be one year or 20 lbs, whichever comes later! That car seat is suited more for a toddler, way too big for that little beanero. And driving with the top down??? My two year old gasps for air in the backseat even if I have my window cracked. Poor thing probably turned blue in the face on that little ride.

  7. Tai

    Good Lord..with all that money she has..couldn’t she afford to get one of those neck pillows to hold that kids head up..?? Not only is he gasping for air in the convertible…but those straps could probably choke him from slouching down like that..

  8. Candy

    Aren’t we over this already? Strap your own kid in the carseat rearfacing and forget about what the hell someone else is doing with their kid.

  9. Jennifer

    Calm down, y’all. I have that same car seat – its the Britax Marathon. It’s one of the most expensive and has proven over and over to be the safest. It’s approved for children 5 POUNDS and up.

    And Dr’s can’t agree on anything. Mine told me to never never use those neck pillows as they push the babies head forward and position their necks badly for a crash.

    Go figure.

  10. Britfanshaveroomtempiqs

    OK Jennifer don’t be an idiot making excuses for your White Trash Queen. You know you’re actually supposed to read the entire user’s manual on car seats before using them, right? And they all say, repeatedly, in plain english, in capital letters, with exclamation points and caution signs all over the place DO NOT PUT CHILD IN FRONT FACING CAR SEAT UNTIL ONE YEAR OLD AND 20 LBS. AND! Not or! God some people are so damn stupid they have no right to be parents.


  11. Jackie

    Ok, in her defense, I have to say that I did the same thing. At 8 months, my son was also over 20 pounds and if he was rear-facing his legs got cramped because they kept hitting the seat. So front-facing he went. They like it better that way anyway!!!

  12. Wendy

    Can she at least put a hat on the baby? Babies skin is very sensitive, riding around in a convertible asleep in the sun is not a great idea! Would you let your baby lie on the beach in the sun without protection? It’s the same thing, the baby needs coverage not just from the wind, but the sun! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN??!

  13. L&LMommy

    Maybe at 10 – 11 months if they are over 20lbs (mine were). The issue here is the neck muscles. I mean look at the poor child, he is slumped over like a sack of potatoes! Does she not turn around and check on her child while she is driving? She is an idiot!

  14. mommyof1

    All these 20lb 8 month olds is also scary people. My son is 2 years old and 25 lbs, and no he’s not small but in the 55th percentile. The weight is not an excuse, as Wendy said let’s think about the children. Who cares if they’re comfortable or not, follow directions and save their lives!

  15. Momof3

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an organization that probably knows a little bit about car seat safety says that infants under a year, but over 20 pounds should be in a convertible seat used rear-facing.

    They even have a handy General Child Seat Use Information chart that can be found here.

  16. ali

    Ok Jennifer you sound like Britney (y’all)

    Seriously, how do you know you have the same carseat as Britney? Do your eyes have superpowers?

  17. las

    Is that seatbelt even on? It looks like it’[s scrolled up in the corner.

    And for someone who would do anything to protect her baby, Britney sure isn’t trying very hard. What a dunce. Courtesy of her money, they won’t arrest her even when she ties the kid to her hood.

  18. There is no way a child can slump forward to that degree if he’s properly strapped in – it doesn’t even look like he is strapped in. They go over the head and and shoulders and buckle between the legs – i’ve looked at the picture and there is no way he’s buckled in at all.

    That poor child is not strapped in – and i agree – he should be rear facing – period.

    She’s such a dumbass – good lord.

  19. doofus

    Kaia, you’re exactly right.

    when I gave this pic a good look-over today, you can clearly see he’s not strapped in.

    if he were, his right shoulder would be held back BY the strap, and he wouldn’t be slumped that far over.

    to all of you defending her, please don’t. there is simply NO defense in this case.

  20. Liz

    She needs to go to a parenting class ASAP. No child should be in a forward facing car seat until they are 12 months and at least 20 pounds. The child cannot support their neck if they were to get into a crash. it would snap the poor baby’s neck. In the picture Sean has his head slummped over. California state law does state the exact thing i just mentioned. Here is the website: I hope you all enjoy and learn something new.

  21. Sorry 4 sayi’n this britney, but WHY ????????????

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