Britney Spears Quote Of The Day

May 16th, 2006 // 10 Comments

“I no longer study Kaballah (sic), my baby is my religion”

We’ll I guess someone’s not getting any more loving from Madonna.

(Source: IOL)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. richierime

    UNO !

  2. las

    I can only imagine what she thinks of changing The Great One? And can she have two religions when Spud No. 2 is born?

    And I predict a crisis of faith during the teenage years.

    She REALLY is sad. Especially since she won’t buckle her religion in when she’s driving him in an open-top car, facing the wrong way.

  3. d.c.

    why should she worship that hypocrites made up religion?

  4. Everyone in the World

    Britney is a DUMBASS. A TOTAL, COMPLETE AND UTTER DUMBASS!!! Her and Paris Hilton prove the fact that you can have all the money in the world and still be white trash!!!!!!!!

    BRITNEY PUH-LEEEEEEEZE GO AWAY!!!!!!! (and take that stained-wife-beater-baseball-hat-wearing-pimp-wannabe-poor-excuse for a husband with you!!!!!!!!!)

  5. las

    DC, well, she shouldn’t. But practicing Judaism Lite (All the Spiritual Benefits, None of the Nasty Rules!) makes a lot more sense than worshipping your kid. Especially when you’re popping them out like Pez.

  6. Eric

    Britney “studying”….that’s the funniest mental picture I’ve had in weeks!

  7. las

    It just occurred to me: By considering her kid a religion, is she worshiping herself and FKed by extension? How creepy. I bet he joins that religion, but only practices half of it.

  8. Small Fry

    Las, you are too funny.

    Wasn’t Shitney just photographed with her little Kaballah book the other day? And didn’t she take her kid to some Hindu ceremony a few months back?

  9. Small Fry

    Sorry, Kabbalah. Excuse my lazy spelling.

  10. johnnycakes

    What’s wrong with her comment? I think some people search for some spiritual healing through the teachings of religions, like kaballah or one of those fellowship type organizations that meld hinduism/buddhism, etc. that are so popular in CA. Maybe she saw God, the meaning of life, or her true purpose in life when she had her baby. Maybe that’s why so many people say ; Oh , now I get it” when they have a child. That’s not so crazy.

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