Britney Spears Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

April 25th, 2006 // 34 Comments

Let’s hope she’ll take care of the second one better than little Sean Preston!

Britney Spears, 24, couldn’t hide her pregnancy any longer when she showed up poolside at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas this weekend, sporting a red bikini and a serious bump. The singer is expecting her second child with husband Kevin Federline, 28, sources have confirmed to Us. The couple have been married since September 2004 and have a seven-month-old child, Sean. Federline has a daughter, Kori, 3, and a 21-month -old son, Caleb, from a previous relationship. Spears’ 1999 debut album sold more than 10 million copies.

Britney — Yes, She’s Pregnant! [US Weekly]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. katie

    That makes 4 kids for that loser. 4 kids and still no job in sight.

  2. Girly Girl

    I’m not a Britney fan, but jesus, I feel sorry for her. She hooked her little red wagon to a real shitbag. First she leaves his pre-show party in Vegas crying and now she’s knocked up.Maybe she was crying BECAUSE she’s knocked up…

    This is what happens when you are 20 and think with your hormones and not your head. I’m not knocking her- hell, we all did (most of us with good stories anyway!). But I hope she gets out unscathed and learned a lesson…

  3. loryn

    Whats withe the last sentence in the paragraph?? Lol. It seems a bit off the subject to me.

  4. tia

    I dont know katie .. he may be the next big rapper lol.

  5. Gossip Guru

    Will someone please punch HER in the stomach and HIM in the face!!!

  6. Maddyboy

    Trailer trash.

  7. Jaden

    How dare you gossip guru! That poor soul did not ask to be here. You must have never experienced the lose of a child, and I hope you never have to go through that. I am not a huge fan of hers, but it is not the baby’s fault.

  8. sign of trailer trash:

    1st baby barely out of diapers, and mom drinking it up in vegas gets banged up again.

    nice, britney. real nice.

  9. Cynde

    she needs to go to victoria’s secret and order some bras that fit if she’s not actually pregnant.

  10. Chicki20716

    Girly Girl I don’t understand why you feel sorry for Britney. She was the one who decided to entice that dirtbag away from his pregnant girlfriend in the first place! She deserves every bit of misery she’s experiencing – and then some!

  11. las

    Just what the world needs, more kids with Federline and Spears genes. She’ll probably drop this one on his head too.

  12. marie

    everyone is talking about brit in her red bikini but how come no one has any pictures?

  13. …… and who’s the father?


  14. Lee

    Two pieces of trash ….what are the odds their kid have a chance in hell.

  15. Lee

    Two pieces of trash ….what are the odds their kids have a chance in hell.

  16. Pandora's Box

    I think now that she will have two of her own, she’ll use them to practice juggling.

  17. blondEE

    well now she has offically ended any career-comeback that stood a chance in hell.

    what is the matter with this girl–seriously. you don’t even like your husband, don’t take care of the child you have, and you go and do this

  18. gOssiP

    wait, wasn’t she just reported to have been drinking in vegas for dumba$$’s birthday in vegas?

    if she’s due in october i find it hard to believe she didn’t know she was pregnant.

    13 months between kids, my God, someone call child services now

  19. Sparrow

    Ugh, why am I commenting? Trying. to. stop. my. fingers. can’t…

    My first 2 kids were 13 months apart and the reason it sucks so much is that the 1st one didn’t get all that “baby attention” he needed from me, the cuddling and the carrying, because I had a belly and whatnot. So, I feel baby for baby Sean in this instance.

    And Brit is only 24, its not like she can’t pop this kid out, hire a trainer, and belt out a comeback for herself, sheesh! Life isn’t over because you have a couple kids.

  20. Katie S.

    I hope she gets her act straight with this new coming arrival.

  21. I still think its from booze. my sister gets a “bump” like that ievery winter from 3 beers a day.

  22. Maria

    He should get a good kick in the balls, so he stops reproducing.

  23. Fiz

    think she felt she had to match wife #1 in the kid dept to “keep” him. Now her and Shar are on an even playing field. Can you blame her..K-fed being such a commodity and all. She’s reaching..someone help her

  24. kat

    though she is not talented (only in the marketing world) you have to feel sorry for her

  25. kim

    That’s not Britney Spears. The woman in that photo is wearing a bra.

  26. Jackson

    Why does she need a comeback? She’s been working since she was a child – I think she’s earned the right to have a few years off. So what if she wants her kids close in age?

  27. doofus

    to girly girl, I could completely believe that she was crying because she’s pregnant…in fact,

    (more rumor here….)

    I believe that it was reported on the Howard Stern show that when she found out she was pregnant, she was bawling uncontrolably…as if it wasn’t planned and she didn’t want to be pregnant again so quickly…of course, this report came from a “person close to Britney”, so take it with a grain (or two…) of salt.

  28. Ashley

    Omg. I can’t believe just about everyone is dissing Britney. Who are we to judge someone. Her life is constantly in the spotlight. How would you like it if your baby hurt himself and the next day there are over 1000 search results for the incident? Britney has always expressed the desire to have kids and I think she will be (is) a great Mommy. Of course people only want to see the bad and then dwell on it. Like it’s going to make all the mistakes they have done in the past look insignificant next to hers. The girl has worked hard her whole entire life and values friends and family sooo much-and everyone’s going to see that when Sean and his sibling(s) are brought up with good morals and behaviors. It’s like we love to make people live’s hell. She is going through so much and working her butt off yet all people can do is criticize her…can you imagine how unfair that is?? Anyways, I hope Britney keeps doing her things despite the treatment she is getting thats not fair or necessary. I hope they have a great family and life. Maybe they can move somewhere where the people respect eachother no matter who they are.

  29. iono

    personally, britney spears is just your average messed up american signer. Oh well, it’s her fault that she’s pregnant again with her 2nd child. I doubt that she will become a good role model for her two future kids. but who am i to say? i’m just your average opinionate person. Oh by the way, we all shouldn’t talk trash about her, when we already know how “hill-billy” she is. Okay okay, i’m wrong to call her that, but hey she remind me one of trash hill-billy person i know. I’m not saying that hill-billy people are bad, there are some that are quite nice. Well, whatever, i hope britney’s life is hell, because she need to wake up and taste the reality world, instead of her fantasy and rich world. She need to take a good care of her first child, damn, she doesn’t even know how to be a mom, and now she’s with her 2nd child. Hope she got more kids afterward. :) it will make her learn her lesson. :) kk, i’m being too harsh on britney, but god, seriously, we don’t need another jacked up kids in the future, otherwise, this world is going to be full of jacked up, cheater, whores kids!

  30. :O

    Ashley, i can’t agree with you about the comments that you just posted up. Well, i don’t know what you meant by britney’s being a good mom? Being a good mom, mean having the responsibilty of one’s own action. Britney deny ever negative actions that she did with her first child, such as the car’s accident and many more. I guess Britney is your role model, so if you want to become a mom at 24 and still partying when you should take care of your kid, then be it. But please, don’t influence kids to be like britney. Thank you.

  31. Stephanie

    For god sake you are all perthetic its not unusual for any other human being to have babys so close togeather but for Britney its huge. This poor woman needs moral support during pregnancy and she definitley dosent have to justify herself to the likes of you.
    If she is pregnant goodluck to you you deserve all the happiness in the world x x x

  32. Cristina

    I think all of you all dissing Britney are just a bunch of haters. You know you wish you could have kids and still party. I’m 22 with my third baby on the way. I go school, work 2 jobs, and still take care of my kids and my man. She is lucky she has it like that that she doesn’t have to work her ass off like me. I give her props for everything that she is doing and that she is not letting herself give in for a bunch of bitch ass haters as yourselves

  33. Leah

    Ya know, i wish people would just leave her alone, shes a first time mom and first time moms tend to make alot of mistakes, you just dont hear about it because they arent in the public eye. and maybe things would go better for her if the photographers and press weren’t constantly after her. i hope things go better for her this pregnancy..good luck to her.

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