Britney Spears Has Trouble Keeping Sean Preston From Falling To The Floor

Prior to little Sean Preston falling backwards out of his highchair, the little tyke rolled off of Britney’s bed and onto the floor. This has happened not once, but twice. May we suggest putting the baby in the center of the bed, or if the little tyke has a penchant to crawl, you might want to keep him in his crib.

Britney Spears is facing fresh heartache over baby Sean Preston amid fears that he could suffer long-term brain damage. When seven-month-old Sean toppled out of his high chair and fractured his scalp it wasn’t his first fall, an ENQUIRER investigation has uncovered.

Twice before, says a source, the baby has rolled off of the pop princess’ bed and crashed to the floor. That’s one of the shocking new claims about Britney’s bizarre life uncovered by The ENQUIRER — and, tragically, it comes as doctors say Sean could suffer brain seizures or memory loss for years to come.

“Both times Britney freaked out when she was wakened by the sound of her little boy screaming,” said an insider. “She found him lying face down on the floor after falling from the bed.

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