Britney Spears And Kfed Celebrate His New Album

March 27th, 2006 // 19 Comments

Britney Spears embraces crap twofold – her husband and his new album. Saturday night in Atlanta, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline partied at Vision Nightclub to promote Kevin’s new album.

More images of the apparently happy Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Allie

    and yet still no alcohol for britney?!

  2. Gossipwhore

    Is it just me or does it look like no one is interested in K-Fed while he is on the mic

  3. Small Fry

    She looks old for her age in these pics. Maybe it’s just the hair, but she looks to be in her 40′s.

  4. doofus

    what a waste of space he is.

  5. Cheesy

    Ah, the things we do when we’re young, stupid and think we’re in love…

  6. ...

    I wish that people stopped taking their picture but why everyone are saying they should divorce is beyond me! I think they seem like the perfect Hollywood couple in that they both love teasing the paps! K-Fag is Britney with shoes on! She’s obviously trying to see how many pregnant headlines she can spark just by holding her arm over her(probably just fat) belly and holding a bottle of evian…. Unfortunatly a lot of people are that easy so she’ll get her wish! Had she been really pregnant it would have been scotch! She’s such a gambler that Britney!

  7. tia

    Did anyone see his myspace page lol !!!! He has that lame song popzao on there and some other song he made talkin shit to the press … Its really funny .. then some tranny left him a comment and was like I cant wait to see the second season of chaotic lamo .. I was like oh jeez. He does of alot of female followings .. just look at his page .. his album just may do well.

  8. Whatev

    Yeah it does seem as if no one was paying any attention to K-Fag. That mofo has the most inflated sense of self worth ever – his album better bomb, any one stupid enough to buy this steaming pile of hippo turd should be taken out back and shot

  9. Rumor

    Though the media says otherwise, I believe Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are going to stay together for a while, at least. That is my prediction. I think they’ll last longer than Nick and Jessica because Britney is hyper, has a controlling spirit, and picked a guy that she fell deeply in love with and who she can control. Federline is a tumbleweed. Tumbleweeds go where the wind blows them. He’s the type of man who doesn’t just run around with women or leave the one he’s with. He left Shar Jackson because Britney chased him down, offered him every gift his heart desired, and convinced him that no other woman will love him as much as she does. Otherwise, he would still be with Shar. Britney knew what she was doing when she pursued him. She is determined to make it work. That’s why she got pregnant so quickly. Some women today still use that tactic to keep a man. A child is an incredible bond.

  10. tia .. look at his female fans … theirs so many oh and in his main picture Britney looks like a hooker

  11. Katit

    my best friend partied at vision that night. she said Britney doesnt look so white trash in person at all. However Kevin obviously still does. No alchol or cigs for Brit..but a stomach bulge was present.

  12. Katie

    This guy is totally in it for the money. That’s no secret. She’s young and stupid and made a mistake that a lot of people make. Too bad it’s being played out in front of the entire world.

    He’s a poser, loser, user.

  13. Litchic

    A friend of mine was at Vision Saturday. he said Britney’s hair looked like a cheap wig and that she had suspicious pudge around her midsection. But she was also definatly drinking, so looks like she’s not pregnant.

  14. katit

    she WASNT drinking at all at the club or smoking. was your friend even in the VIP section litchic?

  15. nedbat21

    I was there. You can see the VIP section from most any part of the club. Getting to it is a different story, but seeing it is not.

    It was an interesting affair, to say the least. While Brit did look pretty in her dress, I felt she was trying WAY to hard to rock the “New Christina” look.

    It’s been done. Find something else.

    As for him – he remains a joke.

  16. doofus

    katit, perhaps your friend just didn’t SEE her drinking…doesn’t mean she wasn’t.

    the tabloids (and even People Magazine, the pseudo-tab) were reporting that she was drinking that evening.

    I believe what I read was “cosmopolitans at dinner, and vodka at the club”.

    and it sickens me that I even know that.

  17. sweeterboyfriendstealer

    both of them are JOKES!!!!

  18. bailey

    ok i wasnt listening to the song on his myspace page, complete waste of like thirty seconds of my life, but anyway at the beginning he keeps sayin this is for the haters, and when he says haters he sounds like a complete redneck hillbilly, whats up with that?

  19. jjr

    Do you think this will become one of those Whitney houston/Bobby brown kind of thing. Where a talented singer hooks up with a lowlife that sucks the life and career out of her. Remember back in the days when whitney was so classy and beautiful–look at her now. She is still with Mr. Brown. See where this is headed?

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