Britney Spears’ Undying Love For Brad Pitt

March 13th, 2006 // 20 Comments

Who knew that Britney Spears was such a big Brad Pitt fan? We are a little concerned in the way Britney is showing her affection for the engaged star. What is Britney wanting to lick in that bottom photo?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. s

    lick? that ain’t the lickin’ pose! that’s the bukkake pose. k-fed’s been teaching her well. her southern christian heritage just collectively just knowingly blushed!

  2. tia

    I think Britney is just trying to be funny. Someone tell her it isnt working. Besides Brad doesnt look sexy at all in those pics.

  3. Misterina

    I think it is an abomination that It is allowed to breed.
    It is the result of too much inbreeding.

  4. yourFACE

    this is what happens when you tell fat pigs they can not bring food and drinks into an art exhibit … they get so hungry they want to eat a photo!

  5. Brad's Bitch

    I feel the same way Britney. I love Brad!

  6. Babe

    I love brad in that picture. It was from Rolling Stone mag i think in 1994. I was in college at that time and i remmber he was hot hot hot from the Interview w the Vampire movie. And Britney here..everybody knws he likes Brad..she was open about it. She does look a bit crazy here tho.

  7. Just Me

    I think she looks fine, she is having a little fun and who doesnt breathe a little harder when it comes to brad pitt.

  8. sodoff

    OMG, she’s actually looking much better these days…not old Britney but she’s getting back to proper Britney (w/ 15 lbs).

  9. Wow Britney make same with me and maybe why not suck your tongue mmmmmmmm :P



  11. Britney Rocks..and BRAD Pitt Rocks..but i support britney all they way.. anyways ever since she started on BABY ONE MORE TIME CLIP i always have been her fan and wil always will no matter what hapens to her or wat rumours come arund..shes still NUMBER 1…GOO HARD BRITNEY and STAY HAPPY..wish u all the best..GOD BLESS YOU… AN UR CHILD…AND UR FAMILY IS WELL NOT TO FORGET…XOXO gINA

  12. Grace

    What a nasty skank.

  13. Did anybody notice the person who took this picture is wearing nothing but black underwear? You’ll see his reflection in the glass… o_0

  14. gigity

    she gives white trash a bad name!

  15. las

    They really WILL let anyone in, won’t they?

  16. Cass

    She just seems like a girl having fun to me!

  17. Oh I love her. The tanktop she’s wearing is so cute.

  18. diego

    sou muito fa da britiney mas ela ta ficando feia e gorda

  19. JeanJeannie

    Classless all the way….

  20. ?


    All lady´s in the world think he is hot, why not Britney..?

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