Britney Spears In A Bikini

March 8th, 2006 // 63 Comments

Okay, what do all you mothers out there think? Is Britney Spears pregnant, or is this just residual weight as a result of formerly being pregnant (or one too many Cheetos)?

A few more photos of Britney in a bikini, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. richierime

    I’d poke her either way

  2. Ah! Fat in a bikini.

  3. Babs

    Looks like a baby belly to me – notice it’s higher up and firm. It also looks like muscle is being pulled from the side, to support the little federfetus’ home. My belly pics look like that in the first months too. BTW, second kids usually show earlier.

  4. Emily

    I dont know I dont think shes pregnant! My aunts belly looked like that after she had her baby so it could be just the after birth baby fat or something, shes just to lazy to hit the gym.

  5. Becky


  6. Carlye

    That is TOTALLY a pregnant belly. It’s too firm and too high up to be just a fat stomach. I have a sorta overweight tummy and it looks nothing like that! Plus, haven’t you heard about how she’s been telling random strangers that she’s pregnant again?

  7. Katie

    She’s pregnant.

  8. jenn

    she looks really bloated to me… maybe she needs to poop?

  9. Ewww! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew!

    K-Fed! You did this to her! How could you? I mean once was bad enough!

    I’ll never be able to watch her old videos again. I’ll cry over what once was. I mean, I know people have kids. Time takes its toll. BUT DON’T PARADE IT AROUND IN A BIKINI.

  10. starshroomy73

    Maybe I’d actually believe that was just a post-pregnancy body if she wasn’t boasting about her “cardio workouts and yoga exercises, blah blah blah” one week and getting a pudgier body and larger stomach the next. If she’s somewhat dieting and “working out” WHY does her body look bigger everytime I see a picture of her? She’s crazy if she thinks her figure is ready for a bikini :/

  11. jenner

    she is 100% pregnant
    How is she gonna drive with TWO babies on her lap?!?!?!?!?

  12. Preggers and obviously blinded by stupidity!

  13. hed

    she’s still skinnier than 70 percent of our county.

  14. Marni

    Does Britney pay for her friends to go on vacation with her or are they all independently wealthy (with free time?). Seems sad either way for some reason.

  15. Well, her rep said she wasn’t pregnant. Oh, wait a second. What a rep says doesn’t mean anything. Scratch that.

    I personally wouldn’t have chosen a bikini to wear. Maybe she’s going for some kind of Mr. Blackwell’s list record.

    And props to for being tops in Yahoo! blog search:

  16. Cheesy

    If she’s showing that high up and that firm, then she’s past 3 months; early pregnancy usually shows lower in the pelvis, because the sac is so low and it takes a while for growth to rise out of the pelvic area and high up. For second babies, though, women do tend to show sooner–because their stomach muscles haven’t gotten back to normal after such a short period of time.

    That all said, I think she’s pregnant. Because it’s so trashtastically Britney. PR rep statements mean nothing, as we all know.

    And isn’t it funny that Brit doesn’t like the PR when she’s getting coffee and is so bothered by it that she has to drive with Cheeto on her lap, but she’s courting the publicity now that she wants to deliberately keep people guessing with the potential bun in the oven and showing Cheeto off being carried by his nanny on the beach.

    Media whore.

  17. cj14mommy

    i’d have to unfortunately go w/def pregnant. after my son my stomach didn’t look like that, but it did while pregnant.
    i seriously just keep thinking to myself can someone be that stupid and nieve to think that a second child can save their marriage, um take a good look at shar brit b.c you two will be becoming good friends in a couple of months!

  18. karma

    she keeps running around saying how she wants a daughter for her son and has also been quoted saying she was a little disappointed b.c she wanted a girl
    out of spite for her being selfish and stupid, i hope she gets another son, and k-fed takes his payday and runs!!

  19. Maddyboy

    Jenner…you raise an interesting point there.

  20. Darlene

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. I just think she’s heavy, about 20-30lbs heavier then pre-pregnancy weight. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her, which is kind of turning my stomach. But she’s got the Cracker King Husband from Hell and now struggling with post baby weight as well. :( I may still be carrying my baby weight, but at least my husband kicks K-Fed’s ass in pretty much all respects.

    Oh, and of course she’s richer than God. I guess that’s a point in her favor. Just goes to show that having all this money can’t make you thin. Or if it does, you end up with a Silly Putty stomach like Tara Reid. ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  21. I don’t think she is preggers. ALL LIES LIES LIES I TELL YOU!!!!! PLUS, I think she is lookin’ good. She is taking her time getting rid of the baby weight and she still looks thinner than 65% of the American population. haha Just kidding I just made up that statistic.

  22. Whitney Houston

    Oh hell to the no!

  23. lauren

    OHMYGOD I wish it werent true, but the girl is obviously pregnant again! Way to throw your life away, Brit!

  24. Trixie

    Totally pregnant and obviously in need of a lobotomy.

  25. Yepp

    Oh, she’s definitely preg. If she were just fat, that belly would crease into two rolls at her waist, one at the bottom of her ribs and one at the bottom of her belly. Perish the thought.

    Little Fedears #2 is on the way!

  26. grumpy

    Pregnant : she wouldn’t dare wear a bikini if it was just leftover fat…

  27. Chrissy


  28. merbear

    Yepp is totally right. and she’s not smoking in any of the pictures – so she has to be pregnant!!!

  29. susu

    she is pregnant for sure, what an idiot, if her marriage is on the rocks, a child will never hold a marriage and also take off that GODDAM trashy belly button ring, not safe for pregnancy.

  30. nevemind

    Definitely pregnant. And Kevin will cheat continually and she will stay with him and pretend everything is wonderful in their marriage. They will be together for the next 10 years and then he will leave her for someone younger, after he gets half (of what will be left) of her money. Not bad for 10 years of service!

  31. smarty pants

    She’s definitely pregnant.

  32. Carole

    She’s Pregnant. The belly looks very tight.You do show faster with a second baby. I had my girls 1 yr and eight day apart. So I got pregnant agin just 3 months after my 1st daughter was born :X wasn’t planned … LoL My Mom read somewhere, that she wants two babies and then kick KFUG to the crub. I wish she would dump him, he’s a joke.

  33. susiegrl

    I was in good shape when I had our third in 2000. I had to have an emergency C-section and afterwards, it took me awhile to get my body back in shape, and that was with working at it! Also, you have to consider that it really takes the body a full year to get back to “normal”. And supposing she is preggers, her baby isn’t even a year yet. Even with exercise and good nutrition, a C-section is MAJOR surgery. Also, Britney’s diet seems to be filled with junk food, so if you were to ask me, I think she’s just out of shape. Her belly has that saggy look to it, not the round full look of early pregnancy. But I have been known to wrong a few million times or so! Time will tell!

  34. Dusty

    There is usually some level of a roll and pooch when it is just a fat tummy. A friend who has a five month old looked soooooo pregnant in her outfit the other night. It was a perfectly smooth mound with no rolls or pooch but looked just like a pegnant belly. I am pg with my second right now and I swear, my stomach popped out about three inches between 5 and 8 weeks, with two years between my first kid’s birth and the second pregnancy’s beginning. And it did not neccessarily start low down on my stomach like someone else said. Every pregnancy is different.

  35. wendy

    People please, it’s takes nine months to put the weight on, and nine months to get it off. SP is only like 5 months, give the woman some time.

  36. Jen

    I don’t know if she’s pregnant (wouldn’t be a surprise because she obviously doesn’t care about her career anymore) or just chunky (which she shouldn’t be with all the money and access to trainers and such that she has), but whatever it is, she sure as hell shouldn’t be wearing a bikini. That body is not hot anymore…

  37. callmethekimster

    It doesn’t look like pregnant to me at all. It just looks like she gained a lot of weight and can’t get it off. Remember, just like her reps say she’s not pregnant..they also say she’s been exercising. Besides, it can take up to a year to lose excess weight gain from a pregancy, especially after you quit breast feeding. I’m not ruling out that she might be pregnant, but I think she’s just hanging on to all that junk food she was enjoying before and during her pregnancy. Time will tell, I suppose.

  38. TheRabbitDied

    Uh, yeah. She’s pregnick. Pregnick with a bad case of denial.

  39. lily

    She’s obviously pregnant, and she’s been obviously pregnant for a while. Jess Coen’s just a silly witch who’s going after Perez H. any way she can. It’s obviously way to hard and round and high- looking a tummy to be pudge.

  40. sb

    totally pregnant.

  41. LAgirl

    I’ve had 4 children & thanks to exercise, healthy eating before/during/after pregnancies I NEVER EVER looked like Brit.

    Didn’t she gain 50/60lbs w/Sean? Modern guidelines say gain only ~20lbs. What you see in these pics are residue pregnancy fat from overeating.

    Also, notice Brit’s friends, assistants, body guards, etc. are all fatter than her. So she has no inferior complex in that bikini!

  42. LAgirl

    I’ve had 4 children & thanks to exercise, healthy eating before/during/after pregnancies I NEVER EVER looked like Brit. Didn’t she gain 50/60lbs w/Sean? Modern guidelines say gain only ~20lbs. What you see in these pics are residue pregnancy fat from overeating. Also, notice Brit’s friends, assistants, body guards, etc. are all fatter than her. So she has no inferior complex in that bikini!

  43. God

    Oups ! She did it again !
    no doubt : definitively pregnant.

  44. bunny2

    She looks prego to me! It maybe showing early since its so close to the other pregnancy.

    You never know though. Could just be fat.

  45. Anon

    I am a former OB nurse (and mother of two) and I say “pregnant”. Look how high the belly begins – right under her boobs. Also, it appears firm and very round. She is about 3-4 months along. That is why she is “flaunting” it now; it is past the first trimester, the time when people usually do not want to “announce” anything. Now that she is past that, she doesn’t care if anyone knows.

  46. yep

    She was a lot thinner just a month after he was born. She has gotten heavier since then.


  47. Blank

    She’s so pregnant. And LAGirl, the recommended weight gain is 20 lbs only if the mother to be is significantly overweight. If she’s normal weight, which Brittney is, it would be 35 or so. Underweight women need to gain more.

  48. lala

    man if she’s pregnant… many would that make for k-fed now? 4? 5? his ass is gonna be 95 and still in debt from having to pay back child support!

  49. heid

    um id have to say preggers.. would be nice if we could see some other pics of her after she had kfed jr. for comparison

  50. I think she is preggers! In that picture of her laying down, the belly is still there. Everyone knows that fat falls to the side when you lay down!

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