Britney Spears Goes To the Acne Spa?

October 9th, 2004 // 10 Comments

This just too sad for words. I’ll let everyone else comment on this one.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. and she picks her nose while there?

  2. Ru

    thats THE nastiest shit ive ever seen. after the crocth grabing and the slut fest wedding..why do you all keep paying attn to this girl.
    Ive never seen someone who doesnt want attn but is so hungry for it (maybe to sell records).

  3. JRo

    Pick me baby one more time? Or a retarded oversexed hasbeens attempt at public masturbation? (I think it’s lower Brit. Better luck next time)

  4. all those doritos and hamburgers are finally giving her zits.

  5. M

    who knew there were still lepers?

  6. Buntcake

    She fell farther and faster than even I could’ve imagined…

  7. amber

    yall needto get a freakin life…britney spears is the best and always will be….GET OVER HIT LMFAO….everyone gets zits especially girls when its there time of the month..dang….

  8. Jasmine

    Poor girl, I feel so bad, I mean, I always thought she was gorgeous, but she really has let herself go…

  9. a

    is it her? how can you guys tell? i dont realy listen to her shit, but in videos she looks soooooooo much more different… hmmmm?!

  10. darla

    I think its ignorant to say “she’s let herself go”, acne is commonly caused by stress, which is something you can’t control. Besides EVERYBODY gets zits!

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