Britney Spears Lives In Fear

Life’s a bitch Britney, isn’t it? The paparazzi can be a scary bunch, but all you need to do is embrace them, and stop running (or driving) away from them. Do a quick pose, and you’ll be done. Oh, and leave the little tater tot at home.

Britney Spears fears she will die the same way as Princess Diana. The pop babe claims she can’t leave her Malibu home without being hounded by paparazzi, and is terrified it will put her life in danger.

The sexy star believes she is in the same situation as the late British princess, who was killed following a car chase in Paris in 1997.
Britney, who gave birth to her fist child, Sean Preston, four months ago, stormed to America’s People magazine: “I don’t really go out without him (Sean) and it’s kind of sad because I can’t walk down the street with the stroller.

She revealed: “I’ve pulled over and asked the cops, ‘Could you please help me?’ And they say, ‘Sorry ma’am, I can’t help you.’ This is how it is.”

More photos of Britney Spears in Hawaii with Sean Preston, after the jump.