Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Troubles

February 9th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Could Britney’s latest “driving with a baby on her lap” incident possibly not have been the first time she’s driven with a baby on her lap?

TMZ has obtained video of Britney Spears leaving a Toys ‘R Us with her baby. As she closes the door, she has the baby on her lap. The question: Was the child in a car seat once the vehicle began moving?

An employee of the Toys ‘R Us in Porter Ranch, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles, told TMZ that Spears and her assistant were there on January 15 to purchase a car seat and a stroller. The employee told TMZ the manager installed the seat in the assistant’s vehicle.

Since the windows are heavily tinted, it’s unclear what Spears did once inside the vehicle. But as the door shuts, the baby is clearly on her lap, and not in a car seat.

TMZ has video of this incident. Let’s just hope she doesn’t do it again. If the “driving with a baby on her lap” incident was all she had to worry about she’d probably be doing okay. But no, there’s more! Trouble is brewing again between Britney and her husband Kevin Federline. The couple was reportedly having a shouting match at the Kanye West performance at Avalon.

“They were really going at each other,” says one eyewitness who watched the screamfest erupt Monday night as Spears and Federline sat in an opera box, watching Kanye West perform at a Rolling Stone/Verizon-sponsored pre-Grammy party at the hot nightclub Avalon.

“It was shortly after midnight and Kanye had only been on stage a few minutes when Kevin and Britney got into some big disagreement which turned into a full-scale shouting match. They both looked pretty angry and everyone else in the box was staring at them with amazement and shock. After a few minutes of yelling at each other, she stormed out leaving him in the box.

“She left with one of her bodyguards, got in her car and took off. Kevin stayed in the box with singer Brandy and his buddies, drinking the Sky Vodka that was being promoted at the club last night. He stayed till the end of the show.

The question is, did she drive off with her bodyguard on her lap?

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. say whaa?

    Do people or celebrities really fight like that in public so everyone can hear their business? Wow! Maybe Brit should of got to know her man before she married him so fast!

  2. GC

    So if Brit went to Toys r’us to pick up a car seat how did she get her baby to Toys r us without one? He was obviously in her lap on the drive over at the very least

  3. SOL

    Everybody thinks Britney is so cool that, if she drives with her baby in her lap, everybody will critize her, but then , a couple months later, everybody will drive with their babies on their laps…even on their heads!!! Come on, let her live!! she is young and stupid ……

  4. doofus

    yes, SOL, she IS young and stupid, but that is NO excuse to drive a car with a baby NOT in a car seat.

    don’t make excuses for her, you only come off sounding dumber than she is. and I’d bet you’re not dumb at all.

    when is brit going to realize that that man only married her for the $ and lifestyle? if he cared about her, he would have gone after her instead of staying behind at the party (that he only got into because of HER!) and drinking.

    I’m not a fan of hers, but she needs to ditch this guy, and fast.

  5. Ang

    Not only was the baby not in a car seat he was in the front seat—with the airbags. If she was so scared of the paprazzi wasn’t she scared she might get in an accident? The airbag going off would be enough to kill an infant.

    So it’s not young and dumb it’s dangerous and moronic

  6. chickpea

    Everyone is forgetting that a baby can be mistaken for a Chihuahua.

  7. Dr. Tia

    Why are you guys so obsessed with Briney and Kevin?!

  8. Emma in London

    Once again the hick from the sticks shows she’s dumber than a bag of rocks

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