Britney Spears And The Paparazzi

January 24th, 2006 // 11 Comments

Britney Spears and brother Bryan got stuck in the middle of Pacific Coast Highway Sunday after her Ferrari suddenly shut down. Paparazzi were there to help to push the car. The sheriff came to take her home. Britney now loves the paparazzi.

More photos of Britney Spears and the paparazzi after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    someone should be telling her to giev her husband a push…..straight out the door, she should take this as an omen

  2. tinalou

    How ghetto.

  3. QueenB

    At least someone was there to help her dumbass and thank god she has taken to wearing some sort of shoe in public again.

  4. tellitlikeitis

    How embarassing… your $400,000 car breaks down because your trashy lazy ass husband didn’t fill the tank… instead using the gas money to start saving for the new club he wants to open.

  5. Cheesy

    This car sure breaks down a LOT!

  6. Fill her up!

    She always loved the paps Mui! The first picture is such a great illustration of her career so far. Other people do the work while she talks on the phone! Although she looks unprepared for once it’s hard to belive she didn’t do this on purpose.

  7. D

    WOOOW !!! She looks smokin hot !!!!! hotter than ever! Go Britney ! You go girl !

  8. Fugly Girl

    Don’t $400K cars come with roadside assistance of some sort?!?!? Hell, my ford has free roadside assistance.

    On another note she is looking a little thinner than usual. Hard to believe this isn’t staged though as it appears she ran a comb through that nasty hair of hers.

  9. That car is only $200 grand, not $400. Besides, when you abuse it, (or don’t know how to drive it) it will protect itself from costly repair and shut down. Brittney is overwith, stop caring, protect us from her by shutting her down.

  10. Trailerz R Us

    The cops were called. They came to take out the TRASH.

  11. FunMe

    Excuse me, but the last time any of us had our car break down, did we have the COPS give us a ride?

    And this bitch makes so much $$$$ money!!!!

    Can’t Britney just call a TOW truck?

    Or how about AAA?

    Or her butler or just pay out of the many dollars she makes!

    I see that the officer is part of the LA ASheriff’s office. I think it’s time to file an official compaint. :-/

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