Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Together Again

January 26th, 2006 // 59 Comments

Two days in a row we have the appearance of a celebrity tummy. Britney appears to have an upset stomach. Could it be from the meal she just ate? Did she finally realize what she’s married to? Is she pregnant?

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Norwegian

    Well. First of all: sorry for insulting you. Though I have to stand for everything I’ve said. I should have tried to say it in a nicer way. But sometimes I feel that you American are looking a litle down at us. Like we’re so “primitive” in Norway. I can speak 4 languages, I can make my self understood in at least 5 or six countries. And I can read about 7. And hey, I’m only 17 years old.

    but however, All I wanted to say is that I think you have a litle weird culture. Or just different. I mean, I watch a lot of American realty series. “Date my mum” for an example. And I know a lot about all your stars. Their all Christians but I feel, that in America beeing a christian don’t stop you from doing anything. They step up and they recieve an award, they thank God, and man they are “soooo” religious. And the next week everyone can see them in this music video where they almost don’t wear any clothes.

    But ofcourse, I dont think that everyone is like that. But it just showes how far people are willing to go for money. And I think it’s kind of sad.. Britney should make it work with Kevin,. We dont know everything about him, there must be some good in him. Though we know a lot of crap too. Let’s hope he can change. Let’s pray for her instead doing this (against) her.

  2. meg

    her son is 4 months old, she wouldn’t be that big/far into her pregnancy…the b*tch is just fat! she’s embarassed so she’s just goign around telling people she is pregnant

  3. Jubblies

    Why Brit?


  4. Haha

    Looks like you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but u can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. She has always been trash but in her hayday she had reps to cover up the garbage she really is. It seems like the machine is tired of hiding and burying the real her so now we see her for what he is, a dried up, talentless, has been, who parents worked tiredlessly to make famous but who never appreciated any of it. It was her parents dream for her to be such a huge star (speaking past tense of course) not hers. She could care less, she doesn’t care now and never did. They should save their energy for her little siter Jamie Lynn. It seems like she the one they should be concentrating on.

  5. cheryl

    i gained 50lbs when i was pregnant, i was 98lbs when i got pregnant and now i am 113lbs my daughter is 3 months old… i happen to love how i look now i loved being pregnant, i think britney looks great. shes isn’t a damn stick figure, she is healthy and beautiful. she is living her life you people just need to accept it or since you dont like her stop posting about her and reading about her…just forget about the girl and like you all wish maybe then she would go away…but no, you keep her alive and popular by bashing her.

    anyhow, she looked great pregnant and she looks great now, stop hating. yes shes famous but shes also human…if any of you were in the public eye 24/7 im sure you’d be caught doing stupid things, making stupid comments, looking awfu, having “jessica simpson” moments… it only takes one comment or picture to be posted and repeated constantly for everyone to judge

    its really not that serious, shes a good person, shes young and is making some wrong choices, shes learning about her self and you people just need to let her live… hell if my life was on blast i cant imagine what people would say about me. im glad she doesnt give a $#%^ and she lives her life the way she wants.

    i guess all of you haters are perfect, never had a freaky moment, never did something silly, never loved the wrong person, never felt pressured and acted out…

    yes she has made some foolish decisions…but who hasn’t…you live and you learn people geez!

  6. The*LUV*Below

    Okay so as i read about everyone bithching about the same ol’ stuff…kevin this..fat…trash..this that and everything else.I just want to say that YES britney has EARNED the right to be judged this way..I am a huge fan..but hey when we first met brit she was young .things change..Now she’s an old hag with a gold-diggin husband and a kid.and maybe another and another and another??we all know the pattern.anyways shes gone let her rest..she’s not fat…. just mommy like now..let her go and focus on someone else yourself???

  7. genivive

    so, even if britney is pregnant again and doesnt care right now about how chubby and funky she looks, SHE knows, that eventually she will look just as good as she did before (com’mon, shes a millionare and has all the money she needs for all the cosmedic surgery she will eventually need after having 3 or 4 kids.) I really think that she wants to rush with the kids so she can get back to her real-or-fake self. but i know how it feels to want to get back in shape after having a kid and if i was her i would take care of that first. THEN have more later. your only young once, so have one, get back into shape, then wait… have more later when your older and doomed. I mean when your not looking as great as you did when you were young. Perfect timing!

  8. another norwegian

    I think it’s evil. Pure evil to call someone “Trash”. It comes from jealousy. And it’s pathetic. You people hate her for having the life YOU all want and you hate her for not living it the way YOU would live it. But hey! Get used to live in the workingclass.

    -Thats obviously exactly were you belong!

  9. paulina

    if britney spears wasn’t who she was- trailer trash ex-pop starlet- would we really give a shit about how fat she looked? probably not. honestly the more media time we give her the more reason we give to make a comeback- no thanks!

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