Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Together Again

January 26th, 2006 // 59 Comments

Two days in a row we have the appearance of a celebrity tummy. Britney appears to have an upset stomach. Could it be from the meal she just ate? Did she finally realize what she’s married to? Is she pregnant?

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. cheetos and corndogs

    someone take out the trash…please!

  2. nicole

    She’s so beyond all hope. The very definition of “letting oneself go.”

  3. Cheesy

    Dang–I hope she’s pregnant. That would explain her porker size and why she looks like crap.

  4. palys

    Jeez, must she wear that f*uckin style of jeans everywhere she goes?!! I mean, who told her that jeans that sweep the street and cover your shoes look good.

    Nicole, you are absolutely right. She is beyond all hope. Someone dig her grave already!!!

  5. Little Mickey

    I despise Britney. She’s a soul-dead, talentless whore who must have bargained with the devil to attain such a vast and completely undeserved amount of fame & wealth.

    So I hope she is not pregnant and that she just keeps getting fatter and fatter, and the media continues to document every single pound she gains from every possible angle.

    Live by the sword….

  6. meg

    i have always been a fan of britney’s and i am not losing hope yet… she looks like she’s pregnant again… i can only hope she will make a fabulous come back one day… can we put a call into Queer Eye?

  7. FUN-FON

    If she is pregant again, it would make sense becaue we all know that the KEV is a true baby making machine! Those puppies are always swimming WOW what a stud………..dud!

  8. lisa

    look at Britney body language; she is just leaning into him, holding on for life. Federline looks like he is just in it for the party.

  9. tellitlikeitis

    ahhhh the classic look of someone in their first trimester – please say it ain’t so Brit… babies do not save marriages. Hopefully she’s just really smart and using the sperminator for babies.

  10. Green Eyed Angel

    The worthless piece of trash won’t even hold her hand! He should be neutered and then shipped far far away. For the kid’s sake, I hope she’s not pregnant. I wouldn’t wish her mentality on my worst enemy.

  11. Green Eyed Angel

    How is using him for babies smart? I definately classify him as D-grade breeding stock.

  12. smuthound1

    Brit has always expressed the desire to be a young Mom and maybe she was blind when she met K-fed gave marriage a try and realized he is white trash scum… now she can’t let lil Sean be an only child so K-fed’s using Brit for her $ so why not use him for his sperm afterall he does make cute kids with her.

  13. The Mav

    Be careful what you wish for, this is a couple that exudes, or you might get it.

  14. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    She has the tits and belly of a pregnant woman. He has the smug satisfied look of a man who has impregnated Britney Spears once again.

  15. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    She has the tits and belly of a pregnant woman. He has the smug satisfied look of a man who has impregnated Britney Spears once again.

  16. anona

    Letter to the world: Britney is just being who she really is. She never could dance, she never really could sing (x-tina sings circles around her). She was just a chic with good blond hair extensions and a nice bod.

    Now that K-Fed has exposed her for who she really is, why are you so offended?

    Viva la FederSpears!!

  17. uh, where’s our trailer? duh. why is he smokin’ around her like that. trash.

  18. Slacker

    Yeah, just keep wearing those low riders that show off your big ole belly. She ain’t pregnant….just lazy and fat. Fugly, too.

  19. Fugly Girl

    She’s holding her stomach because she just her “PapaZao.”

  20. Fugly Girl

    She’s holding her stomach because she just heard “PapaZao.”

  21. Hard-On

    This guy is a joke, wanna-be Feminem. Britney hasn’t been looking good since she got prego, what a shame, I’d still probably dick her though….

  22. smroxs

    Looks like Brit is going to the Mariah Carey school of dressing… sausage-casing tight that makes you look 5 sizes bigger than you are. It’s nice to see that despite the fame and money she still ended up as white trash anyway.

    I look at it as nature correcting itself. She was meant to spend her life as an assistant manager at a Dairy Queen and fate goofed up and she got famous somehow. Now this kink in the time stream is being corrected as her money dwindles, her star fades and she grows to heifer-esque proportions.

  23. Mia

    I get perverse satisfaction from every bloated train-wreck-of-a-person photo of BS… That someone so obviously idiotic could gain so much personal wealth from being a crap singer and b-grade skank really makes my ass twitch.



  25. Elena

    Is there no one around this poor girl who can sit her down give her a reality check? I sure hope she is not pregnant again… It will make getting rid of that leech harder and more expensive. I never knew anyone with so much money could get so trashy.

  26. jaded

    If only comment #22 could come true!! If no one buys any more of her crappy “music”, perhaps we could be free of her.(Love comment #23 also.)

    Why do these women/girls with flabby middles wear low-riders like this? They look disgusting. Do they really think that anyone wants to look at their lard squeezing out over the top of their pants??

  27. susan

    “please love me…” (cling cling)

  28. c

    Is that skank ever NOT smoking? They deserve each other, you just have to feel bad for the kid. I see “Celebrity (not!) Fit Club” in Brit’s future very soon.

  29. doofus

    ya know lisa, when I saw this pic yesterday, I thought the same thing. look at the body language.

    brit is, as you said, seemingly holding on for dear life, and kfed looks like he’s trying to get away.

    to jaded…I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! I don’t think everybody has to have a body like the old Britney, but DO NOT wear lowriders when you don’t have the (non)belly for it! ugh! or, at least buy a pair that FITS your hips and doesn’t cut into the lovehandles ON your hips.

    and to anona, you’re exactly right. she never was really that good of a singer (lip syncs at EVERY “concert”) or dancer (with a choreographer, it’s easy to be “good”). she was packaged, and now the brilliant packaging materials that marketed her so successfully have been ripped off.

  30. Wags

    I think Kevin smokes sperm cigarette’s. His next kid should be named “ashtray”.

  31. Insecurity R US

    Those photos are so telling.

    She’s insecure about her post-pregnant body, so she’s using her arm to cover up. She’s also trying to keep Kevin next to her (in that 1st pic she’s literally pulling him to her while he looks like he’s trying to get away).

    Meanwhile, his whole body language shows he’s totally disinterested in her. Not only is he always walking well ahead of her, but he never looks back at her (even though he appears to be talking to her in 1 pic) and the hand closest to Britney he keeps hidden in his pocket while the other hand stays as far away from Britney as possible.

    He looks more into that ciggie than Brit.

  32. none

    she was pregnant for not so long time a go!
    how can peapole think that she can be thin like in one second after she had born a baby!!??
    peaople haft to think before they sey somthing!! or write!
    i don’t think she’s pregnant again!
    and I like better peapole hwo are normal or a little bit fat.. than they hwo are thin!!
    that’s so f****n ugly!!

  33. Locita

    I get so angry reading all the garbage people write!!!
    I’m not a Britney fan BUT she is a humanbeeing who also gets to have a life…

    You people who disses her, and others, all the time, do you look like a million dollar at all times?
    Dont you like to put on your good old baggy pants and just relaxe once in a while?

    How the hell would you like the world to have a saying about you 24-7??? I bet you would have fallen trough bigtime, you would be a wreck!!
    Start by making yourselfe a better person, and let others worry about them selfe. U should all be ashamed. Grrrrrr

  34. doofus

    to be honest locita, no, I don’t look like a million bucks at all times. but I also NEVER go out looking like she does. I am at least presentable. I wash (and brush) my hair, and I don’t walk around looking like a tubby meth addict.

    yeah, I like to relax at home in my sweats, but I wouldn’t wear them with a wife-beater to walk around and shop in a shi-shi Vegas resort.

    And no, I wouldn’t like to have people talking about me all the time, but I’m also not a huge superstar with over a hundred mil in the bank.

    When someone becomes a public figure, as in, they WANT to be in the public eye and be famous, like Britney did, they have to take the bad with the good. yeah, you get tons of money, free stuff out the wazoo, invitations to great parties and award ceremonies…and you also get people talking about you because YOU’RE IN THE PUBLIC EYE, just like you WANTED TO BE when you first started out in the business.

  35. Emma *norway*

    Hørt om å spise får mye..? kanche ho barre va litt vældi mætt..?Hallo

  36. Anonymous

    Honestly, there’s a simple trait that we should all have a percentage of and it’s called common sense.

    Britney perhaps made the biggest mistake of her life and career by involving herself with Kevin Federline but honestly. The girl just had a baby not that long ago and compared to her figure before giving birth and now, months after birth is definitely treating her well.

    You don’t lose weight overnight, it’s a timely process and she looks great. People really should stop ragging on the way she looks, perhaps you have some insecurities of your own that you feel the need to bash on Britney to make yourself feel cooler.

    She looks good, she’s losing her baby weight at a natural pace. Get over it already.

  37. Norwegian_whos_laughing

    hehe. I cant stop laughing as I read all ye comments. My dear God.
    Britney is a victim of all you guys! And all that crappy american culture…
    Do you know what we do in norway? We laugh at you! We laugh at your government, we laugh at all your double moral, and we laugh at how you treat the ones that tries.
    Britney had to grow up fast. She was obviesly beeing pushed in the business to do things that would sell. And now she did one mistake. She loved (maybe) the wrong person. I guess she most going through a terrible time! I can only guess how shes doin but i think its very likely that shes cryin inside.. Her husband treats her like dirt, and the people who ones liked her, came to her concerts, bought her CD’s is now turning against her. They’re not standing by. But they are finding satisfaction in seeing her suffer. “They” are most of you!
    And still you are (everywhere else) talking about friendship, honesty, moral,the pride of America, America for everyone.

    I think you are acting like you are the dirt and the scum..


  38. Jaded

    Yawn, “Norwegian who’s lauging”. You can certainly choose to remain there in Norway. What are you doing reading an AMERICAN gossip site and commenting, no less, since you seem to abhor our culture? (You may have to check the meaning of “abhor” as perhaps you will not know the meaning.)

    Also, I am not quite sure about the education that you have received in Norway. Your post is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes…Perhaps you should invest your time in bettering yourself instead of posting on these sites. (Just a suggestion.)

  39. Still_Laughing


    An average Norwegian person have got a better aducation then an average american person.

    I’m sorry about my grammatical errors, though I really dont understand how that can be relevant in this matter.

    However; I read an article on a norwegian page, which contained a link to this page. So when I read all the comments, I simply couldnt resist the temptation of writing something myself.

    I just think it is so lowlife to throw dirt like that. And please, see the stupidity in this:
    “Oh, Britney is so ugly, she’s fat..” God, Britney isn’t fat. And she’s not ugly! She simply doesn’t dress up for wedding everyday.

    How do you look?

  40. Still laughing:
    If you were curiously peering into this subject from your link, why would you say all of you Norwegians laugh and look down on us?

    What makes you so superior? Your little temper tantrums and predictable European contempt? I can just see the self-righteous smirk on your face.

  41. By the way,Still Laughing:
    This is for LAUGHS. I don’t care about any of these celebrities; it’s a form of ENTERTAINMENT.

    So you can lower your turned-up nose and quit your wussy whining.


  42. Still_Laughing (keep laughing it just proves how foolish you are),

    She hasn’t done anything to deserve this kind of treatment from her “fans”? (Sorry I was never a fan) What about cancelling her entire Onyx Hotel tour using a phony excuse about her knee but then seen crab walking (Crab walking requires bending backward on your hands and balancing on your feet, knees bent at a 90 degree angle and support half your body weight)on the beach (in sand, no less!) two weeks later with K-Fed? Then walking around Hawaiian resorts eating Cheetos with K-Fed again. What about walking off the stage at a Mexcian concert and flipping off fans to the media when they asked her what she had to say to her fans? There’s been so many incidents of Brit’s disregard for her public it’s not even funny.

    She has ignored her “fans” for a long time now. She’s a narcissitic (that means self-absorbed) spoiled brat who thinks she is the bets invention since the wheel and that only she matters in this world. She has a completely warped view of reality. Let’s face it any girl who feels the need to show as much skin as she has and dance like a cheap stripper is not doing so because they’re confident. Far from it. It shows how deep her insecurity is. And she deserves to be insecure, she sings like a cat in heat while someone scratches their nails down a chalkboard in the background. Betty Boop has a better voice. I’m glad the fans finally got tired of it. I was waiting for that to happen.

    Secondly, education is the correct spelling, dear, not “aducation”. If you’re going to try and gloat about having a better one at least make sure to spell the damn word right. I have a fiancé who’s from the Netherlands (good ol’ Viking stock just like you) who speaks and writes English ten times better than you and doesn’t feel the need to put down Americans in order to make the Dutch look superior. However, I will grant you the American education system is horrendous. My mother is a teacher. Then again, it seems the Norwegian “aduction” you wish to boast about is also the “aducation” you did not seem to take full advantage of yourself if you can not even spell it correctly. Next time try one of the free word translation dictionaries on-line. Unless you’re too lazy to. Or would that make you American then? LOL

    Also if you were not trying to start an argument and were only coming here via a link you saw somewhere else then I’d sure like to know why you found it interesting enough to come back here and repost with what you must consider witty repartee that simply makes you look like an arrogant, pompous, severely self-deluded jerk with a completely undeserved superiority complex. Of course, this is coming from the mind of a lowly American, isn’t it? PISH! Go stick your head in the freezer, it’ll make the swelling go down a bit.

    Britney deserves what she is reaping now. There’s only so much neglect, insolence and arrogance fans will take. They are the ones that make celebrities rise or fail. It’s time Britney learned to have more appreciation for the people who put her at the top before her star completely plummets. I hope her marriage works out for her baby’s sake but career wise I think she’s made it very clear who doesn’t matter to her and that’s her fans. I do not pity silly billionaire poptarts who didn’t have enough sense to get a better education, crawl out of the trailor park and marry better.

    P.S. As if the Norwegian government is anything to brag about! LMAO Most Europeans don’t even know where Norway is! Your country is about as significant as a tadpole in a pond. I bet even the Swiss are wondering when Norway is going to do something useful.

  43. bailey

    i dont think she looks fat

  44. The norwegian one

    Demented Pixie:
    Well, I dont know where to start. I laughed when I read your last comment. I laughed WITH you. Yeah, she sings like a cat and if you think about it, all you can hear in her songs is “uh, uh” or others non-words sounds that brings your thought to something else…..

    But I didn’t mean (in my comment) to make me look better. I’m not a better person myself. I mean, I’m talking about people behind their backs, and mostly of the time I dont even feel guilty about it.

    And the thing about your aductation. What I meant is that Americans(ofcourse not everybody) dont have the greatest knowledge about the rest of the world. I guess it is because you dont travel so much out of the USA. Maybe that is because you’ve got all you need there, I dont know. but the fact you say that most of the europeans dont know where Norway is says a litle about you. Do you know where Norway is?
    Norway is a small country yes. But we are rated as the best country to live in, in the world. Norway is the richest country, have the best schoolsystem, (though I have to admit that my shool this year sucks. The teachers are terrible. Going to switch school next year).

    Since you know so much about the Norwegian government, I guess you know that it’s new?
    Havent got the chance to do nothing yet…
    And I dont know what you think is usefull, but we have allways been against war. which I am very proud of, though I respect the gevernment in the United States. Bush got ripped so hard after the september.11, but if he hadn’t done something and something worse had happened to you, Bush would be hated even more.
    (sorry for switching subject)

    Yeah, I guess Britney have acted pretty stupid lately. and I understand those who are pissed and blabla. But, you say that she deserves “what shes reaping now”. I still think its a childish think to do anyway. And I may have given way to much in my first comment (sorry for that one).

    I have nothing against the USA. But I dont like the american stars. Cos they have a litle bad influence on the younger generation here. They lower the moral a bit.

    And at last I have a friend whos been in the USA (actually many) for a year to go to high school. And what they have to say about Americans, is good.

    Demonia: entertainment? You dont think its scary to see WHAT you are entertaining yourself with?

  45. Celya

    I don’t think Britney looks fat. If I had a body that was close to hers after giving birth, I’d be happy. I was never really a fan of Britney, but I did like her songs when I was 17.

    She picked the wrong guy, he treats her like dirt, and then you give her THIS for trying? Nice going…

    And by the way… Demented Pixie, do YOU know norwegian anywhere close to the way that Still Laughing knows English?? I very much doubt that.

  46. Anna

    For the people bitching about the Norway commentors: I’m surprised no one has brought this up yet, but how many languages do you people speak? I promise you that Scandanavians speak English more fluently than you speak any other language that you didn’t learn from birth (AKA a true second language, not someone who has been bilingual from childhood), and that ONLY in the USA is it acceptable for people to speak only 1 language. How DARE you insult someone who has spent years learning your language for making mistakes in it? Many native speakers of Eng make mistakes! I’m an American who lives in Austria and teaches English.

    I read this site to laugh at American culture, we are ridiculous and everyone knows it….laughing at a ridiculous culture counts as being entertained, so anyone can read this and be entertained, it is not only reserved for Amis.

    As for Britney, I find it hard to feel sorry for anyone who has made that much money and went out of her way to marry someone who is pissing it all away. If she wanted to redeem her brainless existence at all, she would divorce him and never look back.

    And yes, it’s true that in Norway, people enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the entire world, the very very best health care, and one of the most advanced states of feminism in the world, with lots of working moms and pregnant women, stay-at-home dads, and a system that in general is light years beyond ours in the US. (Austria too!)

    So go learn another language and then insult the Norwegians in Norwegian so they can laugh at you. But seriously let’s all get along, I find the Europeans really sweet and we laugh at each other’s cultures all the time, nothing to get all touchy about

  47. javafinch

    Brit is definitely not one of those girls who can carry extra weight and still look pretty. But… I hate to disappoint anyone but she is not too far gone – I let myself go for a while after I had ds – was around Brit’s size (which is probably about a 24 BMI and actually technically not even overweight) but I looked ‘frumpy’. Once I decided to stick to diet and daily workouts, it only took 8 weeks and I was lean and toned (about 19 BMI). With Brits $$, I am certain she could turn things around EASY in 2 months’ time.

    Hopefully when she decides enough is enough and decides to get her body back in shape, she also ditches KFed – what a loser.

  48. Anna,
    Actually, I am trying to learn Dutch since my fiance and I are visiting his family in the Netherlands, and I realize how difficult knowing other languages fluently can be. And I agree laughing about differences is a good thing–I’m not that serious!

    However, I would never be so rude as to insult an entire people in their own tongue–which is my complaint to the Norwegian. I know many in the world look down on Americans and that our culture does cause some reasons for this.

    But nevertheless, no one appreciates having their entire culture dismissed in a disrespectful way.

    And look, no to the Norwegian, I am not “scared” about my choices of entertainment. As you try to dismiss my culture, you can probably comprehend that this little blog site does not reflect my deeper notions on life. But blah, blah–it’s for fun, right?

    If you’re not having fun at least, why are we boring everyone else with our insults? At least I remain entertained ;).

  49. JustMe

    I think Britney is adorable.. but I really feel for her, look at the way shes so desperatly clinging to his arm and he seems like he’s wanting to get away from her..

  50. Kdbrown9

    I believe that is what the call a “muffin top” my friends, where the stomach hangs over the top of the jeans!

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