Britney Spears’ Looking To Make Blackwell’s 2006 List

January 12th, 2006 // 27 Comments

Sparkly and gold don’t do Britney any favors.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. NimbleBean

    Are these two going to the same event?!

  2. mustangsally

    Neither does K-Fed!

  3. Fugly Girl

    I think she might’ve washed her hair for this outing!

    Hey kevin! Lose the ponytail ya fag!

  4. Laurette

    Yeah, K-Fed. You’re so not chillin’ and you’re so not that important to warrant the “can’t talk now because I’m on the phone with my publicist/cousin/trainer” look. Britney love, he is so beneath you and considering how you look now, that says a lot.

  5. georgia

    Why can’t she get a flattering hair cut, and maybe a comb and some shampoo also.

  6. Anni

    She is going through that awkward “I feel out of shape and undesirable” stage after having a baby. She’ll get back on track soon.

  7. CD

    Actually, this is the best I’ve ever seen her look. But, she still needs to fire her stylist.

  8. NYSocialite

    She looks like she just fell out of Tina Turner’s closet, and it look’s like Kevin was channeling Ike on her in that closet. Hope the baby is ok.

  9. bestdress

    For Britney, this is improvement and K-Fed…well he looks the same and that’s not a good thing!

  10. mars

    britney is so chubby in the pic, yuck.

  11. fallgirl29

    i love that they are on their staged “date” night and he still cannot get off the fuckin phone..
    too funny..poor britney
    we reap what we sow…

  12. Jen

    She looks stunning.

  13. serenetgab

    Unfortunately, she did shop, wash hair ( trim bangs?) and put herself out there, NAH NAH NAH NA NAH NAH!!!!! She needs professional help, always did, can’t take the swamp out of the girl. Use your millions & get a TEAM of PROFESSIONALS as you previously had every tour. Windows for Hos are small; yours is teeny tiny now & the dick ain’t goin float out w/ you if you make it BACK. FOR SEAN’S SAKE, DUMP HIM GO BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I kind of thought the dress was cute.

  15. alexis

    she obviously does not know how to walk in heels. perfect way to look insecure.

  16. TGIF

    How many nights out has this girl had in the four months of Preston’s life? All the crap she said about looking after her own kid and she obviously has a nanny. (Its not as though she has a job so why does she need the help?)Thats why she’s always out without him. The pictures of her shopping with him the other day are so staged. The nanny was right behind her. I wish this chick would just slip back to Louisiana and disappear. Im tried of her trailer show with her trashy husband. If her family got over all the money she’s made them for a second they would get her the therapy she sooooo needs. Since Justin left her she’s never been the same.

  17. lisa

    I’m with Anni – after having a baby, a woman is not comfortable with her post baby body. I think she looks great.

    Now that Kevin, who the hell is he talking to that is so important? He is such a loser…I wish she get of rid him.

  18. lucylicious

    I’m not going to give Britney flak for seeming chubbier than usual because she just had a baby, jesus. But I AM going to give her flak for her choice of outfit and hair. She just doesn’t look elegant, she looks trashy. I agree with everyone who says she needs to fire her stylist. The Louisiana Bayou soccer mom hair just isn’t flattering or stylish. She could look elegant if she would wear something less flashy and cut better for her body…think Gwyneth Paltrow after having Apple.

  19. Mallory

    I can’t believe I’m going to defend her but I think it’s the best she’s looked in AGES. The dress and extension-free hair is a much better look. As for the weight, lay off. I had a baby 10 months ago and it’s very hard to get back into shape – let alone in four months.

  20. mara

    I think its sad bc it looks like she read in the paper she was worst dresses and then actually tried to dress better but completely failed

  21. nedbat21

    I miss old school Britney. The one who had miles of confidence (or at least did a great job of faking it,) always looked good – be it in comfy clothes or all dressed up, and didn’t have the cornrowed leech dragging her around.

    You don’t have to look like a million bucks everytime you go out, but do wear a bra.

    (Which, hey! She did.)

  22. Ldysunfyre

    She looks chubbier than old Britney, sure. But she is not chubby. I also give her props for finally deciding a bra would be good (or at least utilizing some form of support). The hair does need help, no doubt. Oh, and she needs to lose that disgusting accessory of a husband.

  23. aguacate jones

    It looks like she cut her hair with a butter knife.

  24. CD

    I don’t remember Britney EVER looking good…even when she was thin, although she looks better thin. Maybe it was because when I was a teen Madonna was just getting her start, so Britney came across as tame, tired, and trite. It’s obvious she’s surrounded by Yes people who either don’t feel secure enough to challenge her or who have obvious (to all but Britney) shit taste. I saw a VH-1 Fabulous Life of Brit-Brit, and there were two horrible queens claiming credit for all her shitty “custom” outfits. UHHHH! I wish she’d go away too, but if someone please tell her to FIRE THOSE GUYS, she could do a turn around.

    Bye the bye, I had a baby 11 months ago, and I look great. My secret –I didn’t use my pregnancy to stuff my face with junk. You can’t eat Oreos when you’re fat (pregnant). They’re for thin people only.

  25. CityKitty

    I agree with Mallory.

  26. Rachel

    Sparkly and gold don’t do anything for anyone who forgets how to use a blowdryer, christ. Forget gaining baby weight, forget the horrible clothes, the least she could do is try not to look like a pregnant white trash former small-town beauty queen who dated the quarterback and still has their prom picture on the “mantle” over the “fireplace”, who had two kids by 19 and ‘that sonofabitch hasn’t given me a damn dime and diapers are expensive so my advice is to wrap it up honey’, but now lives in a trailor and got a job at the drugstore so she could get discounts on cigarettes, and there’s a bottle of Jack Daniels that actually has raspberry schnops in it and when the kids cry she puts a little in a bottle then sinks into her 20-year-old la-z-boy in her dirty nightgown with the cigarette burn from that time she fell asleep with one in her mouth and almost burned the whole damn trailor down and then where would they go? so she takes a swig and it tastes bad but sooooo gooooooooooood and her eyelids covered in blue sparkly shadow and too much black eyeliner not to mention the clumpy, expired mascara start to gradually … close …

  27. Shannon

    Is it just me, or does she bare a strange resemblance to Courtney Love in one of these photos? You know, the Courtney that tried to clean her look up but kept failing miserably…Poor Britney.

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