Britney Spears Has Paparazzo Stalker

August 26th, 2004 // 1 Comment

If she knows this, then when is she constantly in public looking like this?

Today, 25-year-old paparazzo Mel Bouzad is on a wild ride as he attempts to capture that treasured family portrait on film, a photo that could net him more than $50,000.

Although he’d like you to believe otherwise, Bouzad – while a perfectly likable bloke – is not all that different from the ruthless photographers portrayed in the new Mel Gibson (news)-produced film Paparazzi, which opens Sept. 3. When it comes to getting “the shot,” Bouzad, like the star-hunters of Paparazzi, allows nothing to stand in his way, sometimes not even the law. [via USA Today]

Danger, Britney, danger.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. christian kezar

    hey britney i dont now you a lote but i like the way
    that you thing i am not from united state i am from canada but this dont mather i just want to tell you that i now that you lurn a lot in your works and i am sure that is not finish but don lost your mind in the people that try to make you drop you now i am 18 years old end because the way my life gon i never ben lucky but i like to see people wining and this is you .i dont now if i my imail is good because i dont have no imail this is the one of my frend but i now that no well i dont no wetever that you well not
    write me back but just to now that mabe you can ride this i well not feel alone .christian kezar

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