Britney Spears Brings Out Sean Preston Federline

January 12th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Careful Brit, you’re about to lose your top there.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    ok, a couple of things.

    what is she wearing to shop in? a cocktail dress? and those shoes, ugh! (I feel like Johnny in “Airplane”…)

    and what’s with the tanned body and white feet? does she wear her sneakers into the Mystic Tan booth?

    her back looks like a MAN’S, and for cryin out loud is she EVER going to wash her hair?

  2. Anna

    agreed! she always looks filthy!
    i see poorly dressed people every day, but at least they look as if they’ve showered recently.

  3. Katie

    Question: Does anyone else find it strange that as soon as those two got married (brit and kevin) they are NEVER seen together.

    Another question: Does he EVER spend any time with his 3 kids? It seems like he’s either running to the store for cigarettes and beer, jumping in his Ferrari or golfing in hip-hop gear. I don’t know anyone who’s got 3 kids and no job and NEVER spends time with them.

    Regarding Britney: Just goes to show, doesn’t matter how much cash you have, she’s just low-class.

  4. doofus

    Katie, you’re right…the only time I ever see them photographed together is when they have their “staged” date nights, and those usually come right after there’s a story about a fight they had.

    other than that, you see pics of him “golfing”, hitting the ATM or the liquor store, or at some club with his “boys”. and the pics you see of her are of her and her mother, sister and friends.

    even when they’re supposedly in vegas “together”, they’re never photographed together.

    and yes, cash does NOT equal class…and you’d think with all her money, she’d buy some freakin’ ProActiv…her skin is NASTY.

  5. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    I’m so hot over those Payless stilettos that she’s carting her kid around in.

    Can’t you afford a fucking stroller to trot your child around in instead of a whore-bag and cheap shoes?

  6. Silasdog

    hold it! why isn’t she using one of those infant carrier things that the child lays in and ya carry it like a basket, that would be more comfortable for the child and more convenient for mama Spears. Ok, she’s from Dog Patch, we know, but doesn’t anyone around her have a brain?

  7. a mother

    I actually think it’s kind of great that she chooses to actually hold her child. Tiny babies need to be held. I admit it is not terribly convenient to shop without a carrier or a stroller, but there’s something to be said for wanting to remain in physical contact with the infant. Now, the shoes and the falling-off dress… an different conversation.

  8. hindu

    i have a one month old baby and i prefer to cary him as apose to putting him in a carrier. it doesn’t make my back feel all that great but he’s alot more comfortable and he doesn’t cry when i’m holding him.

    LMMFAO @ the first post

  9. MJ

    If you go to, there is a picture of her on this same date (she’s wearing the same outfit) w/a stroller.

  10. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    Hindu, I’m pretty sure when you carry your child around you aren’t wearing a tube dress and 4 inch heels….

  11. Silasdog

    Hold the baby at HOME. If you’re galavanting around town in high heels, in and out of stores, and cars, then use the carrier. A little common sense, huh?

  12. Fugly Girl

    She may use a stroller too, but the fact of the matter is she holds this poor kid so the paparazzi can take a bazillion pictures and she can have this horrified look on her face like, “How dare they photograph my innocent little child!” I think we oughtta sterilize this freak before she pollutes the world with more chicken finger eatin, red bull drinkin, Papzao retards (babies)!

  13. Cait

    Why is she wearing such a slutty dress!? She’s a mom, carrying her baby. Is it just me, or is this a little weird?

  14. hindu

    she looks trashy in those heals and the dress…maybe kevin dressed her? lol

  15. starlight_perfume

    Other sites have pics of his face in clear view when he’s in a stroller. I think she is a good mom holding her baby with a blanket over him so he will feel comfortable when he’s surrounded by people flashing bright lights from the cameras at him.

  16. Meg G

    Is it just me or is Brit starting to show a slight resemblance to Courtney Love?

  17. LuvChoo

    Still Fat and frumpy I see.

  18. Bad Hair Day

    You all really have no sympathy. And are any of you mothers? Because if you were, you’d realize that once a baby comes into your life, it changes everything! And things like what you’re going to wear gets second priority – that is, if you’re a good mom. And clearly to me, it seems as if Britney is doing a good job! Sure, you say what about that picture of her with Sean in her lap while she driving? And none of us makes mistakes, hey? No, we’re all perfect and so TOTALLY upper-class, while poor Britney is a terrible mother and is trailer trash. She seems like she genuinely cares about her baby who comes first in her life.

    And tell me, how in the world does her back (of all things to pick on her about) look like a man? Because it’s muscular? Get over it!!! I say good on her for still being a little fit.

    Everyone gives her crap for doing this, or not doing this, or wearing something or not wearing it. It’s as simple as this: Whatever the woman does – whether it be having the baby in a stroller and wearing Gucci or doing the opposite – you’d all complain about her!! She can’t do anything right according to you people! I say leave her alone and let her live her life (like other people do with you) and then GET A LIFE!!!

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