Britney Spears, Post Baby

October 27th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Lesson one we have learned from Britney. Post pregnancy, Uggs are probably not the footwear one should be wearing. When you’re looking a bit wide already, you don’t want to turn you legs into furry stumps. The view from the back after the jump.

For the full set, head on over to Egotastic.

(Strike post-baby, it’s pre-baby. Still a bad look.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Livingstone

    I think it’s just the angle, she doesn’t look that bad really considering. She has the big milky baby jugs but apart from that, she’s looked a lot worse!

  2. netty

    Doesnt this girl ever believe in a bra?? And she turned her hair back to brown, interesting…

  3. Cheesy

    Wow! I know I feel better knowing that having a kid hasn’t kept Brit from working on her fresh tan and getting her hair done. I sure as hell didn’t have time for that four weeks after I had a kid!

    But yeah, the Uggs–they’re never a good choice, and they’re not so flattering on her either. Makes those legs of hers look like sausage.

    Britney Spears: 2004, sex symbol; 2005, hausfrau.

  4. Uhm_Yeah

    She looks fine, she’s just with her friends and isn’t dressed up. Big deal.

  5. Those pictures are from the beginning of her pregnancy, they aren’t new. JJB lists them as being from April 1st of this year.

  6. spicyb

    Her legs are so short, they barely reach the ground anyway. Seriously, I’ve seen sequoias with better shape.

  7. SMroxs

    Brit has never looked good in boots. Why she herself can’t see this or her stylist doesn’t have the balls to tell her that her legs looks like sausage links in boots I’ll never know.

    And to all those trumpeting the “return” of her figure… HA! Look at her. She doesn’t look so in-shape to me here. She looks lumpy and dumpy, just like she should after having had a baby one month ago.

  8. chelsea beech lincolnshire

    britney is amazing and always will be and i love the uggs boots and would love some the same lol xxxxxxxxxx

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