Britney Spears Photoshopped

September 1st, 2005 // 28 Comments

So, so wrong. You’ve gotta love Photoshop.

(Thanks to Jen for the photo.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. umm?

    the funny thing is mariahs pic wasnt photoshopped
    and this pic doesnt look photoshopped

  2. Ket

    that’s is soooo disgusting!!! she’s smoking and about to give birth??? disgusting bitch! you’r harming your baby!!!

  3. Ket

    I’ve seen that shit Federline smoking around her.
    They are both trailer trash!

  4. Caz

    Ket, photoshop is picture editing software which allows you to change or merge pics. I’m pretty sure Britney isn’t smoking while pregnant especially as the title of the pic kinda gives it away.

    Calm down, deep breathes lol

  5. heidi

    hee hee hee – she’s so Euro-trash

  6. Ket

    thanks Caz. I didn’t even read before posting it.
    I let my anger towards cigarretes take over myself.I had people in the family who died cause of that, and some still addicted to it, and they are not gonna stop. They smoked around me when i was growing up, from the moment i was conceived, until the moment i finally moved away from them.

  7. j

    Is the photoshopped part the addition of the purse? The rest looks untouched to me

  8. Parker

    OH MY GOD!

  9. bitty boop

    umm, I agree with j…the only thing I think is photoshopped here is the purse. the rest looks like pure brit-brit trailer trash.

  10. woof

    Anyone else feel Ket has some unresolved family issues?

  11. raevee nyc

    Does she really have a tat like that on her belly?

  12. Kat

    I’m deeply saddened that this child will be growing up in the presence of Ugs, chandelier earrings with shorts, and scrunchies. That’s no way to start life.

  13. Ella

    Hey Kat, don’t forget the cheetos and coke!

  14. Kat

    True, Ella. And the Starbucks. And the McDonalds. Nothing but the best for this one. Man, this kid is screwed when it comes to the name-the-fruit/vegetable part of preschool.

  15. Icequeen

    Hey Heidi, give us euro’s some credit, this is a pure 100% American type of trash.

  16. RICI

    The cow is smoking what is she think that can kill her baby and people say she will make a great mom that is a load of shit she is nasty that baby should not have to go throw life with her as a mother I feel really bad for that child.

  17. danielle

    shes not really smoking now..just drinking to “take the edge off” –yep that is 100% true. She is a real Mother of the Year. Ugh…and I don’t mean the fugly boots

  18. That’s soo horrible!

  19. Cat

    It looks like her belly is photoshopped.

  20. ruby_Lou

    Beer Belly City here we come………pregnant and smoking…….

  21. fay

    the pic *is* photoshopped..Ive seen the original.

  22. candykayne

    Settle down cowboys, I’ve seen the real picture and the belly is photoshopped on. It’s an old pic.

  23. Sally

    Miu you are right. So, so wrong.
    So gross.

  24. Marye

    ‘Euro-trash’ what the fuck? whats wrong with european people?

  25. die

    americans are stupid people!i fucking hate usa.

  26. Marye

    I dont hate american people, I just think that they’re different and more puritan than us european ones. But I cant stand the way they make fun of us with like that ‘eurotrash” word. what the fuck is she wanna smoke? cant people focus on their own business? cant they stop fucking judging each other?

  27. Photoshop is cool. Britney sucks.

  28. Kacee

    you can see the original pic there. it is britney smoking, just not a very prego britney.

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