Britney Spears Down At The Studio

Britney Spears has been visiting the recording studio again. Sources say that she’s been working with voice coach Ron Anderson, and working on strengthening her voice at a Burbank recording studio. She’s reportedly not working on anything specific.

“She’s doing it just for fun,” says a source. “She’s just sitting at the piano, singing a little. She’s just in there to have some fun. It may lead to something down the road, but right now this is just part of her staying on the right track.”

I’m all for it. I’m slightly loathe to admit this, but I was into Blackout. I wasn’t into the pictures of her trying to f*ck a priest in the album booklet, though. It’s not that I have something against sleeping with priests (unless you’re an altar boy and Father McEachren is trying to shove his hand under your robe), I was just against Britney’s appearance in the photo. Tubby slut in church!

Britney’s Blackout record placed at #2 on the Billboard Top 200, but never made the top spot. Wait, does this mean she’s going to tour? My birthday’s in June, one of you better be calling Ticketmaster!

Photos: WENN

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