Britney Spears Exposed

August 4th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Enrollment will begin this fall for my new course, “How To Exit A Car Without Showing Off Your Cooch.” There are a few people who will be automatically enrolled.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jada

    I agree fully that if you chose to exit a car, whether you be famous or not, keeping your privates, well, private is a good thing to know. But in Britney’s case, couldn’t we cut her a little slack…she is 8 months preggers?!?!

  2. lizzz

    Totally. If I were that pregnant, I doubt I’d be very good at covering everything up either.

  3. It’s very easy to exit a car without showing crotch. You take both hands and keep your skirt at least to or a little below your knees. Then you slightly lift both feet and turn your entire body to the outside of the car. Put both feet down, and slowly get out of the car.

    It works every time. It’s only when it looks like they’re making a mad dash to the liquor store that these photo ops happen.

  4. lizzz

    Try doing that with a beach ball under your dress.

  5. n_arend

    Okay I understand she should know how to exit the car while keeping her legs closed… But hello she’s about to pop that baby is probally dancing her way right out Brit’s cooch so cut her some slack….. An Shes cute so we cant make fun of her…

  6. Preggers Cooch

    We should all make fun of Britney. If it weren’t for that water bottle, we would see her both her bra and panties. We don’t see Heidi Klum’s flashing her pregnant, about to burst, cooch and mams everywhere? If Britney wants everyone to see her preggers cooch and underwear set so bad, why does she even bother with clothes. She deserves to be made fun of because of her trashy decisions and peak-a-boo game she’s playing.

  7. A Poster

    ok, people, you are overlooking the fact that she is dressing like she is not 8 mo preggers. Most normal people don’t dress like this when they are about ready to give birth, hence no showing of private parts when exiting the car. If these starlets would wear something that covered their bums in the first place, they wouldn’t have this problem — with child or no.

  8. A Poster

    maybe i should have looked more closely at the picture…the dress is the right length, she is just pulling it up too high…purposefully….for the camera

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