Dress Like Britney Spears, If You Dare

April 4th, 2008 // 3 Comments

We really haven’t seen Britney Spears out shopping all that much these days–her dad seems to be keeping her on a short leash , thank God–but she was recently out looking to buy a little something for her newly engaged little sister Jamie Lynn, whose birthday is today.

Here she is with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier just outside the Ed Hardy store and the two of them have been chatting about the prospect of Britney working with the company to launch her own clothing line. I’m so over this whole Ed Hardy business. It just looks to me like a bunch of clothes with fake tattoos plastered all over them and the fact that Bret Michaels seems to sport almost exclusively Ed Hardy t-shirts on his awesomely trashy Rock of Love dating show, isn’t doing much for their cause, as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t know if Britney’s exactly known for her kickin’ style these days, but heck, why shouldn’t she do a clothing line? Everyone else is. I could use some new horrible clothes that are way overpriced and make me look like I just escaped a mental ward.

Photos: FlynetOnline.com

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Photos: FlynetOnline.com

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Suzie

    The list also includes Madonna, and Hulk Hogan. You would think that people with all of that money would not want to plaster themselves with one brand. So tacky and cheesy, it’s like the new Von Dutch.

  2. dinigi

    haha i was just thinking the same thing, only Brit will do it so much better and as a WOMAN this time around…go back to the gym mad donna

  3. dontknowmynamejustknowimwicked

    ya dont need money to dress like Britteney. Hitch your skirt up and tie your top in to a halter neck belly top. Mad Brit still has somewhat of a reputation so watch out shes coming back!

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