Britney Spears Pondering Reconciliation With Fed-Ex?

April 3rd, 2008 // 4 Comments

Britney recently caught some dinner at Dominick’s restaurant in Los Angeles and I think it’s a good sign that the part of the neon sign that’s being reflected in her windshield almost looks like the word “WIN.” Why? Because I’m both equal parts impressionable and optimistic and am therefore hoping she continues on what appears to be an upswing in her career and life in general.

However, I’m not impressionable enough to believe this most recent rumor circulating that Britney and ex-husband Kevin Federline are thinking about giving their relationship another go. The two were spotted together over Easter and according to Bang, a source spilled, “That meeting went so well that Britney and Kevin have agreed to take a trip away from the glare of Hollywood to work on their relationship.”

Remember how up in arms we were when this relationship first started? Well, I’m actually starting to miss that weasel-faced, faux-hawk-sporting pants-sagger. After realizing that yes, she was capable of doing much worse, I kind of wish she’d get back together with the comparatively harmless Fed-Ex.


More photos of Britney Spears leaving Dominick’s restaurant are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Or maybe she should try life w/o a man in it for a while. Though, if she must, I agree with you Lisa, the “pants sagger” is probably a fairly harmless option. She sure looks better, nice to see a genuine smile as opposed to the maniacal one she was wearing at the height of her illness.

  2. DruNken LauRen

    you know what guys… after i peed on myself and caught my breath from LMAO…. i to have to admit that after that “Asian, but not from Asia but India” ADan or what ever his names was…. Kevin looks very decent…. Kevin never used Brit Brit.. now he was Delusional that just b/c he was married to Brit Brit, the world would love him and his rappin’ (he is ok rapper)…. but other than that the DUDE is cool… a great father and that alone shoots him up to A COOL DUDE….

    brit, brit my girl… please re marry Kevin and I will marry your dad and we can have a double wedding… let me show you dada a GOOD TIME … Poppa Spears deserves the Man of the YEAR award for his good work… I too want to give him my own award…. *wink*wink* Poppa Spears, would yo marry me??? Drunken Lauren, not really drunk

  3. Maritza

    I believe Kevin would bring stability to her life and who better than the father of her kids. I really hope they make it work this time around. They shouldn’t get married, they should wait.

  4. UM??

    DrunkenLauren, you are trying to tell us you’re NOT drunk? Now that’s a LMAO!

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