Britney Spears Revealing A Programming Executive At Nickelodeon To Be A Problem Drinker Or Something

Britney is allegedly being considered to appear at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday.

Uh, didn’t she lose HER kids? What? That’s a weird choice. Maybe Richie Sambora can chauffeur children to the ceremony. And Akon can hurl some around the auditorium.

What if Sean Preston and Jayden watch this mess and wonder why their Mom is hanging out with all these kids and yet can only see them for one hour at a time, and only with court-appointed officials present?

“It’s supposed to be top secret, but everyone is already buzzing about it,” a source says. “Her sister, Jamie Lynn, made such a splash at the event last year, Brit knows that she’ll get as much, if not more, attention if she shows up this year.”

Probably from the authorities! Isn’t she on some kind of registry somewhere? This is going to set her back a few sanity points. I don’t think she’s up for it. Here she is at the dentist. God help him.