SNEAK PEEK: Britney Spears On TV

This video clip is from a CBS promo, promoting the episode of How I Met Your Mother on which Britney Spears guest-starred. Taking on the role of a ditsy receptionist, in the clip, Brit asks Doogie Howser Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Barney Stinson, “Can we have sex and THEN go shopping?” and I have to say, she says it so innocently, I kind of want to answer yes for him.

The clip is very, VERY short, but in it, we get to see Britney looking sweet and (dare I say it?) new and improved–a drastic improvement from the out-of-control pop star we’ve seen in recent months–well, years, really. Daddy Jamie is keeping both Adnan and Sam Lutfi at bay and this conservatorship seems to be the best thing to happen to Brit in a long, long time. But then again, that surprises exactly no one, I’m sure.