This Wouldn’t Fly In Old Navy, Britney Spears!

This one’s a perfect example of how celebrity messcakes get away with murder. Murder on the eyes anyway. Britney Spears was in a Betsey Johnson store in Sherman Oaks, California on Sunday afternoon with her scrub Adnan. She apparently looked like hell (“acne”, “cold sores”,”patchy scalp”), and was running around the store buck naked. Seriously, she’s said to have just come out naked looking to try some things on. Can someone pepper spray my eyes if that ever happens? Please?

Ok, anyone else would have had their naked, pimple-ridden ass Tasered and gotten intimate with the hood of a police car. Does Britney? Hell no. It’s like when aliens come down to visit. People just gape. Britney then reportedly took her new assistant Adnan into the dressing room, f*cked him, and exited. What the hell….?

The source (a clerk in the store)(quite deliciously) said “she was slurring, and spitting and talking with a British accent.” Hot. When the clerk tried to cover her naked ass up with a dress, Britney told her to “get the f*ck away from me.” Unfortunately, Betsey Johnson doesn’t make straightjackets. Maybe it’s not bipolar disorder, a shitty personality filled with entitlement or drugs. Maybe her ass is possessed. Different accents? If she starts speaking Latin backwards maybe we can get Max Von Sydow in there to set her ass straight. I’ve seen the movies, I know what goes on. She has the reek of Pazuzu all over her.

Photos: Splash