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January 14th, 2008 // 14 Comments

Oh here we go. It would have been so much hotter if she wore the veil as well. Here’s Britney Spears on Friday afternoon rocking her wedding dress from when she got hitched to Kevin Federline. It would be an interesing statement if we knew she wasn’t suffering from some sort of debilitating mental illness. And she could really could have shown up wearing anything at this point, including a wetsuit, bunny costume, or bath towel.

She was with her scrub, photographer Adnan Ghalib. Who by the way is Asian. Asian. Adnan Ghalib is Asian. My bad. From the continent of Asia. Seriously, whip me with a leather belt because Adnan Ghalib is considered Asian. They were at a Mercedes dealership, but it didn’t appear that she was buying a car for his ass. Yet.

In other Britney news, there is another hearing in her ongoing custody battle this Thursday and she had better show up. Legal experts are saying her absence would mean she wouldn’t be seeing those kids until the trial in April if she’s a no-show.

She might have difficult getting there because the Sherrif’s Department is over her ass, and won’t be assisting her in entering the courthouse. Britney reportedly never gives them warning as to when she’s going to be there, so helping her park and finding an entrance at the courthouse is always a nightmare due to the cloud of locusts that we call the paparazzi. So she’s on her own. Reportedly, they might relent if she’s accompanied by her lawyer and the lawyer kisses some ass. May I suggest skydiving in? And please wear that dress.

By J. Harvey

  1. sandy

    Britney’s man is a MUSLIM. Wait till she has to wear the hooded costume. HA!

  2. Anneka

    No wippin´needed. he´s been a UK citizent for years and years…

  3. Applespice

    I know that is a dress she changed into during her wedding stuff.. but wow what a trashy dress.

  4. peachpie

    forget the dress… wow what a trashy woman. she has lost her everlovin’ johnbrown mind. dayum.

  5. Stating the Obvious

    Hello my loves… The hearing is actually today, not Thursday. But thanks, just the same!

  6. Mitsu

    I really don’t think he’s Muslim, what kind of Muslim wears rosaries as a fashion accessory? He look pretty westernized to me.

  7. Persistent Cat

    By this point, it’s just pure entertainment. Seriously, you couldn’t make this up. Yesterday, I asked my husband if he had heard the Britney latest. He smiled and said, “no, what?” Why did he want to know? Because it’s getting more and more absurd to the point of sheer entertainment.

    Maybe it’s drugs, maybe it’s mental, it don’t matter. It’s just a show now.

  8. Allen

    I am so tired of this common cooze. Why is this no-talent dumbell even news? Judy Garland she ain’t …

  9. Mike

    I remember reading a few months ago that her monthly income is about $750,000…..from what?……is this from Royalties?….or interest on many millions she has already socked in the bank?……How can she keep up this lifestyle?…….who’s gonna hire her in the future?……And as far as getting Professional help, name ONE star who had troubles in the past and sought help and is now a Role Model?…or cashed in on it with a Reality Series?………………..Mike

  10. peachpie

    drew barrymore comes to mind, Mike. she was a freaking WRECK earlier in her life, but seems to have gotten past it now. i’m not sure i’d consider her a role model with a capital R and M, but there are worse role models my daughter could choose. oh yeah, and as far as i know, she did it without a reality show.

    brit? not sure she has the personal strength to right herself…and then be ok with herself for having had these awful, public, embarrassing experiences.

  11. jenyc

    whats wrong with asian. frickin racist bastids

  12. Jennifer

    This is driving me crazy that this keeps being brought up, because it’s just plain ignorant. Note: I’m neither Muslim, Asian, or politically correct even when I should be, so know that I’m not putting in my two cents because I’m offended & all the good stuff.

    Understand that Asia, yes Asia has the biggest population of Muslims. Also, within the Continent of Asia is Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, India, Turkey, Russia, Yemen, Oman, and Qatar. Being porn an American, I can then break it down to me being an American of Portuguese descent; therefore, Adnan G. very well could be Asian of let’s just say for shits & giggles of Saudi Arabian descent. Now does that clear things up & make you happy?

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