I Do!

Oh here we go. It would have been so much hotter if she wore the veil as well. Here’s Britney Spears on Friday afternoon rocking her wedding dress from when she got hitched to Kevin Federline. It would be an interesing statement if we knew she wasn’t suffering from some sort of debilitating mental illness. And she could really could have shown up wearing anything at this point, including a wetsuit, bunny costume, or bath towel.

She was with her scrub, photographer Adnan Ghalib. Who by the way is Asian. Asian. Adnan Ghalib is Asian. My bad. From the continent of Asia. Seriously, whip me with a leather belt because Adnan Ghalib is considered Asian. They were at a Mercedes dealership, but it didn’t appear that she was buying a car for his ass. Yet.

In other Britney news, there is another hearing in her ongoing custody battle this Thursday and she had better show up. Legal experts are saying her absence would mean she wouldn’t be seeing those kids until the trial in April if she’s a no-show.

She might have difficult getting there because the Sherrif’s Department is over her ass, and won’t be assisting her in entering the courthouse. Britney reportedly never gives them warning as to when she’s going to be there, so helping her park and finding an entrance at the courthouse is always a nightmare due to the cloud of locusts that we call the paparazzi. So she’s on her own. Reportedly, they might relent if she’s accompanied by her lawyer and the lawyer kisses some ass. May I suggest skydiving in? And please wear that dress.