Britney Spears Has Returned, Hide Your Starbuck’s Gift Cards

January 11th, 2008 // 5 Comments


Britney Spears and her current companion, photographer Adnan Ghalib, have seemingly returned from Mexico. You can only audition for so many donkey shows before the bitter sting of rejection is too much. The married Adnan left Britney’s house last night driving a gold Mercedes. Is he already benefiting from the scrub position or does being a paparazzi pay that well? I was thinking. This story could actually make for a really interesting indie film. Bipolar pop star on her last legs takes on scheming photographer as her companion. They take a road trip down to Mexico and learn all about each other. There’s a lot of Joy Division on the soundtrack and long scenes of silence and people in sunglasses. I’m going to write the screenplay. Or it could be a raunchy comedy. I did mention donkey shows, didn’t I?

By J. Harvey

  1. Chaz

    You can never go wrong with a donkey show reference.

    I keep thinking that dude’s name is “Abu Ghraib.” Britney’s life is does sort of resemble a torture chamber at this point.

  2. What if Britney and Adnan were on Dancing with the Stars? Check out this GushyGram of them dancing at

  3. Mat G

    You KNOW she’s just so hocked up on SOMEthing that any day now, she’ll come out of her state of _____-induced stupor long enough to look at that Adnan guy and be like, “Huuuh???”
    Kinda like an amnesiac’s response to a face they clearly don’t remember?

  4. SoSickOfThisCunt

    It’s been fun ASL but I’m off this site until every third article is not about this piece of shit.

  5. angeline

    Shit, now I want to see that movie, J.

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