Britney Spears Can’t Count, Angered Patients with Cake and Likes to Text Message

I can’t imagine how Britney is able to keep up her energy to generate all the Britney news she’s creating, since I can barely keep up just reading it. Details are now emerging as to why exactly Britney locked herself in the bathroom in the first place. Unsurprisingly, TMZ is reporting that it’s all over an argument over custody of the kids, with Britney misunderstanding the scheduling. She mistakenly believed that her deposition took place during her scheduled time with the boys–which it didn’t–and she wanted to keep the boys two extra hours last Thursday evening and that’s when the shit hit the fan.

Then, there was Britney’s stay in the hospital, which just seems to get stranger by the minute. According to In Touch Weekly, Britney inadvertently incited some outbursts at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center during her stay. The mother of one of the patients tried to celebrate her daughter’s birthday at the hospital with a cake, but was told that outside food was not allowed, causing the mother to yell, “If Britney brought the cake you’d let her.” At that point, she kicked Britney’s door and Brit yelled back. Gee, people acting crazy in a mental ward? Go figure.

And finally, Britney’s newest paparazzi friend, the photographer who gave her a lift after she ran into trouble with a flat tire, is dishing about his experience with Brit. Reportedly, during the ride to her home, she text messaged the whole time and she even invited him inside her home, telling him, “don’t be lame,” when he asked to take her picture. But the most shocking of all is his account of her home, which appeared to be immaculate. Whoah. Now, I would not have expected THAT.

Photos: Splash