Oh What A Day! (The Britney Spears Meltdown Wrap-Up)

January 4th, 2008 // 10 Comments

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UPDATE: Apparently, Alli Sims didn’t use a hammer to bust down the door because she wasn’t even there. According to what she told Us Weekly, “I absolutely was not there. And even if I was there I would not have banged down the door with a hammer, that’s not my style. I would have knocked!”

This is one of those days in gossip blog land where all hell breaks loose, yet you feel a satisfied afterglow at the end. The feeling of a job well done. For those of you who have been on Mars and are just joining us, Britney hit bottom early this morning. Around 12 AM, after a sort of stand-off with authorities about returning her children, she was taken by ambulance to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. She is currently on a 72 hour evaluation to determine whether she needs further treatment for substance abuse or mental health issues. Uh, yes and yes?

This all began yesterday when Britney was a little late for her deposition. Her tardiness and absenteeism in regards to her court dates have been a concern to everyone involved. Britney refused to hand her two children over to Kevin Federline’s bodyguard back at home and locked herself in her bathroom with her son Jayden after downing some voddy. Oh dear.

Alli Sims, Britney’s former assistant and cousin, claims she had to break the bathroom door down with a hammer to get the kid away from his mom and that’s when she called the authorities. Britney has reportedly not eaten or slept for days. Britney’s Mom Lynne is telling every to just say “prayers”. Sources are claiming that K-Fed flirting with Paris Hilton in Vegas recently set her ass off. Paris wished Brit-Brit well, probably laughing on the inside because she’s an evil wench and knew exactly what she was doing whern she was rubbing her stank all over Federline. After an emergency hearing, K-Fed now has full custody of the children until January 14 until things settle down. Oh, and Bobby Trendy held a candlelight vigil last night which is totally sweet of him. Puke.

Anyway, say some sort of non-denominational prayer for Britney or hate on her. The world’s divided. And stay tuned to A Socialite’s Life all weekend as we will continue to cover every break in this story. Because that’s what we do. *gives noble look to the camera*

By J. Harvey

  1. devil

    The best thing for those boys (and for the world) would be if Britney just disappeared forever.

    Hopefully, Kevin will get full custody permanently and only permit non-skanky female companions around his sons. Well, I can WISH.

  2. oh Britney will you ever learn?? She needs to take things much slower. Get some help girl!
    Everyone should check out my site!!
    I have a new show coming out with my best girls ;)

  3. oh Britney will you ever learn?? She needs to take things much slower. Get some help girl!
    Everyone should check out my site!!
    I have a new show coming out with my best girls ;)

  4. D-

    What’s up with the hating?! Now we know for sure that fame’s the greatest curse of all. She needs heavy sedation, followed by hard core detox, and a solid year (or years) intense psychotherapy. Disney and her record company need to kick down and rent a private island for her to rehab on. You don’t throw people away, ever. Say a prayer for this lost soul. That means you, haters!

    By the way, nice touch, Dylan Rose, for pimping your site, NOT!!!

  5. Hock1

    Hysterics to get back at authority for making her show up for a deposition, and to show the baby she is suffering.. boo hoo, and make him sad and hate daddy, backfired with a vengance? Good golly, the state, judge and police really think they are the boss of me? Who knows why she suddenly does things, certainly to draw attention to her ever present loneliness caused by her greedy, careless, crude nature that offends everyone. Parting is such sweet sorrow Jayden, Mommy has no one but you.. Daddy-Fed is mean to me and wants me to admit.. I Britney..@#$king Top Pop-princess Spears am wrong EVER!?!! how impossible is that? I can have sex with anyone and everyone wants to see my dance moves and buy material goods from me, and I am richer than you bum husband, so will you come back and be my Love? Good grief.. She is a poor excuse for a human. She knows and stages her histronics for her own benefit and plenty of compassion for her troubles from the public but this rancid plot doesn’t work anymore., now that she has deliberately and randomly put herself and children and anyone involved with her in danger of destruction. It’s obvious she likes to play dangerous dirty games, has no understanding of life and what is expected of a 26 year old woman with kids, and she’ll just have real life family time when it suits her for the little time that she is interested., seems to be Not popular right now. If the people she knew and were responsible to attend to only came as a video she could click off.. and on when she was ready.. ya’ll it would be perfect…

  6. stolidog

    Oh, definitely hate on her.

    no talent cow.

  7. green cardigan


    You don’t throw people away, ever. Say a prayer for this lost soul.

    I’ve got to say I agree. Not to preach, but who hasn’t faced a hard time in their life? Speaking from personal experience, my own life unravelled like this 8 years ago. I split up with my partner of 6 years and slowly fell apart. I took drugs, didn’t sleep or eat and ended up in hospital for a 72 hour evaluation also. I was in the hospital canteen eating my lunch, looking across at a guy with his wrists bandaged and thought ‘how did I end up here?’. It was a very dark time but one I came out of, just like I hope Britney will.
    I’m fine now. Love, time and humour got me through. So. I’m rooting for Britney. She’s made a lot of mistakes but she deserves another shot at it. She has everything to live for and two young boys who need her. God Bless her.

  8. Lyn

    A breakdown is a breakdown, some take a short time amd some are long term. I beleive Brit will come around, however long it takes. People of the world, do not judge. Who judges what u do as an ordinary person? Get off peoples private issues en concentrate on your own!

  9. kizzie001

    You all need to get your facts straight.Ali has already come forward saying that its a lie that SHE had to break down the door.She wasn’t even at the house that night.It was the parenting couch who called the cops and the cops were the ones to TALK Britney out of her bathroom.No doors were broken, she came out peacefully and handed J.J. over to them.Get your facts straight before you spew anymore garbage.

  10. Praying

    Hock1 you better knock on wood because karma is a b****. The girl has mental problems and needs help. You shouldn’t bash her. I’m sure all the crazy things she has done has been due to this problem. She probably doesn’t even think there is anything wrong because her mind is not right. She needs someone to be there for her and slowly help her recovery. It will definitely take years.

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