Britney Spears Better Set Her Alarm This Time

December 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Oh, and we WILL be keeping you up to date on all things crazy right up until the ball drops. Britney Spears has skipped several hearings, including two court-ordered depositions, in her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their two children. She has blamed her absence on everything from anxiety attacks to the paparazzi. She needs to blame Starbucks and their delicious treats! Legal sources are now saying that if Britney skips the next one, scheduled for next week, she could end up in the hoosecow. “She could go to jail for contempt of court if she refuses to show,” a legal source says. Let’s be frank, it’s the best place for her at this juncture. She’ll have some sort of Starbucks withdrawal, but I bet the bathrooms are just as rank as the ones at the gas stations that she loves. So it will be like a little piece of home.

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By J. Harvey

  1. debkakes

    I wish Santa would get her some new boots and sunglasses for Christmas.

  2. jesse d

    Oh please. Jail? She’ll slide out of that one, too. People like her never have to suffer the consequences of their actions. This has seriously gone from mildly entertaining to alarming to annoying very quickly.

  3. …also, please wear a bra!

  4. Applespice

    She’s dropped some weight there… how’d she do that so fast? And with all that Starbucks?

  5. Zelda F.

    I’ll second the “please wear a bra” request. Clearly, her digits are heading south, WHO wants to look at that?

  6. Nezrite


  7. Britney is the gift that just keeps on giving for bloggers such as myself. Thanks Brit!

  8. sg

    What battle? There’s no custody battle! Two white trash idiots with no morals or brains had two spawn. Neither of them want the kids, but for publicity’s sake, Federline is trying to look responsible and “win” them. Notice the “quotes” there.

    People need to take pills prescribed by a doctor to GET pregnant, not keep from getting pregnant.

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