Britney Spears In Trouble With K-Fed’s Lawyer

December 14th, 2007 // 6 Comments

As we reported yesterday, Britney didn’t show up for a deposition with K-Fed’s lawyer. She claimed an anxiety attack or something. Though, it couldn’t have been that bad because she went to party at the Four Seasons until 2 AM. What is it with her and hotels? Do the baby things gathering dust in the corner at her actual house depress her? This is the fourth deposition that Britney has skipped and Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is over it. He’s allegedly planning to ask the court commissioner to bar Britney from asking for anything else in the custody case. He reasons that it’s a little suspect that she’s looking to get custody when she won’t even show up for depositions to prove she’s a good Mom. Kaplan could also ask that she pay his attorney fees and possible seek contempt of court charges agaisnt her, but reportedly he’s not going to go that route. Why doesn’t she just drop those kids off at K-Fed’s house and keep driving? Hopefully Santa brings Britney some sanity for Christmas.

By J. Harvey

  1. Cat

    Does she have an attorney? What is her problem, does she really want her children back?? So Sad.. :(

  2. nastybugger

    how much more clear can it be?


  3. jbonz

    Up to now Britney has been described as a “trainwreck” but I think she’s more like a wad of semen circling the bathtub drain-spinning slowly at first but ever faster as more of the time that keeps her afloat drains away until, finally, she gets sucked down the drain and disappears.
    She has made a good job of running away from reality, but reality is finally catching up with her.

  4. Kim

    I think Britney is a crackhead but that is not how anxiety works. If she did indeed have a panic attack at like 10 am she would be fine like an hour later.

    I have panic attacks and i am fine within an hour or so.

    I think the panic attack excuse was bullshit. everywhere she goes is mayhem she craves it.

  5. DruNken LauRen

    i can not believe what i am about to say, but………… she does NOT deserve her kids… I use to defend brit, but she has made it impossible to do so…..

    i honestly believe she has LOST her mind….. Even Anna Nicole Smith, RIP, was a better mother to Danny (RIP), she stopped the world for her son….

  6. Chesley

    She’s pathetic. I love to hear about what latest assinine thing she’s done but I truly wish she’d never had those kids because they are going to be majorly f*cked up for life. PLUS, she’s airbrushed beyond an inch of her life in those photos, lmao….come ON!

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